The brand-new entertainment, where the cast members serve as hosts remotely, “Remote Host” has officially started. The character visuals and cast members, including Toriumi Kohsuke and Yasumoto Hiroki, were announced with the release of the PV.

“Remote Host” is a brand-new entertainment, where the cast members serve as hosts remotely, and it will be featured on Twitter, “note”, YouTube, and other website.

The battle between “Planet6”, the host owners who were the ex-star hosts in the legendary host club “Club Galassia”, has once again started. The story will revolve around the characters striving to be the No. 1 host club as well as the No. 1 host in the industry as if they were following the will of the owner, known as the “Emperor”, “I will give ‘Club Galassia’ to one of the P6 member”.

The official release of this entertainment was announced on the production announcement meeting on June 23, and the 10 hosts affiliated to “Club Venere” and “Club Saturno” were announced together with the character visual.

The cast members for “Club Venere” are Toriumi Kohsuke (voice of Lucifer), Sakata Shougo, Tanabe Kousuke, Kashiwazaki Hayato, Okano Yuu, and Ishii Takahide while the cast members for “Club Saturno” are Yasumoto Hiroki (voice of Chronos), Kobayashi Setsu, Yasuda Rikuya, Koike Takahiro, Yamamoto Tomoya, and Shibano Takahiro. The PV with the theme song “Geramekiyu” sung by them, has also been released, so do check it out.

Also, on the official Twitter account, it will have the daily tweets of the daily routine of the hosts. The official website has finally been opened, and it contains various information, including the frame picture of the cast members and the profile of the characters.

On “note”, the story of “Club Venere” and “Club Saturno” will be released one chapter by one chapter, and only the first chapter will be free. The latest story for “Club Venere” will be released on the first Wednesday of the month, while “Club Saturno” will be released on the third Wednesday of the month.

Other than this, the program featuring 5 hosts from each club will be broadcast on the official YouTube account regularly. Just like the title, the remote host club will also be conducted soon, so don’t miss out on the future announcements.

(C) Umatani Ichigo