Set in the near future of Japan, “ParaHos”, a music entertainment which has customer service sweeter than kiss and Para Para (synchronized group dance) hotter than summer, begins. The key visuals and Taniyama Kishou, Morikubo Shoutarou, etc. 's characters have been revealed.

“ParaHos” is an enjoyable music entertainment created by Pony Canyon x Hifumi Inc. by combining tags such as “Music”, “Dance” and “Voice Drama” together.
It is set in the near future of Japan, in a competitive world where hosts with the title of “Hospitality Artist” pair up in a buddy system for Para Para dance battles and to entertain customers. The story is about the journey toward riches fames, all the while participating in global “ParaHos” battles and the aim for the top spot.

This time, information on the 6 characters and their cast members from “DREAM LOVE”, an orthodox but prince vibe club as well as “JEALOUS”, a new gangster-style club participating in “ParaHos” have been revealed.
The owner of “DREAM LOVE” will be played by Taniyama Kishou, and the owner of “JEALOUS” will be played by Morikubo Shoutarou, followed by Hozumi Yuya, Seike Kousuke, Sumiya Tetsuei, Kobayashi Satoshi, etc. by appointment. There is also a still of the 6 members depicting the appearance of the world within the work.

In the first trailer uploaded to YouTube, it begins with the hosts talking to each other, followed by a eurobeat cover arrange of “NIGHT OF FIRE”, “READY STEADY GO” as well as the introduction of two original songs.
During the songs, CG characters perform catchy Para Para dances and even the cast members' dances, etc. are shown. It is a video that relays passion.

The release of 2 CDs containing the songs have been set for Oct. 7, 2020. In addition to the songs, there are also 3 recorded drama parts within the CD. One of the three parts is a “customer service drama” that utilizes a dummy head microphone.

The staff for this work comprises of Amane Tou, who is in charge of the original work (“Tenka Souryuu -TENKASOUL-“, etc), Oyo for character design (Collaborative Illustrations for “Fate/Grand Order”) and Akitsuki Yumi for the script (“Pleasure Phrase CLIMAX”, etc). Hikota Genki will be in charge of the music, ANIMA Inc. for the 3DCG work and Balus Inc. for the motion capture to produce fiery Para Para battles and sweet customer service.

“ParaHos” is certainly one to watch out for as it emerges hot from Reiwa's summer.