The voice actor Miyano Maomoru will appear in the fashion magazine called “Oggi” August edition. (Released on June 28, 2021) The original cuts have been revealed.

In the popular serialization “Mimikoi” (Ear Love), which picks up and take photos of “the voice actor that you should know about” in “Oggi”, the voice actor’s “Prince” Miyano Mamoru appeared. His career marks the 20th anniversary this year. Together with his amazing voice, he has played multiple main characters, including “DEATH NOTE” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”.

The magazine will pick him up for 8 pages. Two different sides of him can be seen, which is he standing gently with a black setup suit and his natural smiles in the casual denim style.

Moreover, he will release “Dream On”, the theme song of “Uramichi Oniisan”, on July 7. In the interview, he talked about his passion toward the anime and entertainment itself and his concert with real audiences after refraining it for two whole years.

“Oggi” August Volume will be released on June 28, 2021.