On June 22, the birthday of Izanami Hifumi (CV: Kijima Ryuuichi) from “Hypnosis Mic”, the singer of Golden Bomber Kiryuuin Shou released the self-cover video of Izanami Hifumi’s solo music! He posted “Utattemita “(Tried to sing) video on YouTube.

June 22 is the birthday of Shinjuku’s No.1 host and the member of Shinjuku Division’s team “Matenrou”-Izanami Hifumi. There are many celebration comments on Twitter and other SNS. The voice actor Kijima Ryuuichi also commented, “I always admire his toughness and innocence. Please continue relaxing the lost kitties! Happy Birthday!”.

In addition, Kiryuuin Shou, who is the singer in the musician group Golden Bomber and also the composer of Izanami Hifumi’s solo music titled “Don’t Stop the Party” (Party wo Tomenaide), which was recorded on Matenrou CD, “Matenrou-Before The 2nd D.R.B” (went on sale March 2020), posted “Utattemita” (tried to sing) video by self-covering the music on YouTube.

The voice actor Kijima Ryuuichi and the fans praised Kiryuuin Shou in Izanami Hifumi’s costume. Kiryuuin commented, “I am honored that I could sing to celebrate Izanami Hifumi-san’s birthday. I tried my best to look alike with him…I tried…but there is no way that I resemble him!”.

Kiryuuin’s self-cover “Don’t Stop the Party” is currently available at “Golden Bomber Official” YouTube channel.