Aniplex’ first “Trading Card Game (TCG) x Original Animation Project”, “Build Divide -#000000 (Code Black)”, has revealed its cast, broadcasting station and other information. This work will begin airing on TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, and other stations in October 2021.

The anime “Build Divide -#000000” is Aniplex’ first original animation work based on the theme of “TCG”. The original idea was created by Kawamoto Homura and Muno Hikaru, the creators of “Kakegurui”.
The story takes place in New Kyoto, a city ruled by a “king” where all superiority and inferiority is determined by the strength of the trading card game (hereinafter referred to as TGC). The story is about a boy, Kurabe Teruhito, who vows to defeat the king for a certain purpose, and is led by a mysterious girl, Banka Sakura, into a TCG battle called “Rebuild”.
The first season is scheduled to air in October 2021, and the second in 2022.

Uemura Yuuto and Watanabe Sayumi will be joining the cast of this film. Uemura-san will play Kurabe Teruhito, a boy who vows to “defeat the king,” and Watabe-san will play Banka Sakura, a mysterious girl.
Koga Aoi, Serizawa Yuu, and Tamaru Atsushi will also appear in the film. We have also received comments from the cast members announced this time.

The TV anime “Build Divide -#000000” is scheduled to start airing in October 2021 on TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, and other stations.

<The following is the full text of the comments>
Comment from Uemura Yuuto as Kurabe Teruhito
I’m honored to be a part of “Build Divide”!
I’ve enjoyed playing the role of Teruhito, focusing on his unassuming demeanor and the sharp side of him when he’s involved in battles.
Since the theme of the game is TCG, I’ll try to make sure that every word I say reaches everyone.

Comment from Watabe Sayumi as Banka Sakura
Sakura leads Teruhito into battle for a wish that she wants to come true. What is that wish…?
I’m still groping my way through each episode, but I’d like to get to know her little by little and run with her through New Kyoto.
I hope you enjoy the fascinating world of Build Divide!

Comment from Koga Aoi as Tori Hiyori
My name is Koga Aoi, and I play Tori Hiyori.
Hiyori is the energizer of the work! I hope I can be involved in this work by working hard and diligently, looking at it from the same perspective as the audience, and empathizing with them.
As this is a completely original work, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what will happen. The cast and staff will do their best to make the work exciting, so please support us!

Comment from Serizawa Yuu as Kikka
My name is Serizawa Yuu, and I play the role of Kikka. Kikka is a character that looks quiet but has tremendous power and passion.
She plays a very important role in the work, so I’ll do my best to play her!
Since there is no original story, I hope everyone can imagine what kind of girl she is and look forward to the broadcast!

Comment from Tamaru Atsushi as Enjou Naomitsu
Since this is an original work, the storyline is unpredictable.
I’m looking forward to seeing how Naomitsu will interact with the main characters in the story.
It’s a character that I don’t get to play very often, so I’m going to play it with a lot of care.

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