The trading Card game X anime project “Build Divide” of Aniplex, where the original story is handled by “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”‘s Kawamoto Homura and Muno Hikari, has started.

“Build Divide” takes place in the city, Shin-Kyoto, which is governed by the “King” and all superiority or inferiority is decided by the strength of the trading card game (hereafter, known as TCG). This is Aniplex’s first TCG X original animation project.
It depicts the efforts of the young boy Kurabe Teruto, who swore to defeat the king due to a certain reason, in the TCG battle called “Rebuild” while being guided by the mysterious young girl Banka Sakura.

The original anime “Build Divide- #000000 (Code Black)” is produced by Liden Films (“Cells at Work! Code Black”) and season 1 will be broadcast in October 2021 while season 2 will be broadcast in April 2022.
The game design of the TCG is handled by Yuhodo and the first lineup will be released in October.

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