The latest footage of “Sakugan” (Broadcast starts in fall 2021) has been released. Kamiya Hiroshi will be voicing the popular radio personality, DJ K, who provide navigation in the world of this work, and the radio’s supervisor is the composer Suwa Masaru, who had handled the radio “Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”.

“Sakugan” is created as part of “Project ANIMA” that aimed to create an original anime to represent the 2020 generation.
The story takes place in the future, where people are living shoulder-to-shoulder in the “Colonies” that are alienate by bedrocks. Outside of the colony lies the dangerous and unknown land, called “Labyrinth”, and those who risk their lives to explore “Labyrinth” is known as “marker”
It depicts the incongruous father and daughter in challenging the labyrinth as the young girl Memenpu wanted to be a marker while the father Gaganbar had quit being a marker.

The portion of the morning scenery of the Asia-like city “Pinyin” and the life of the father and daughter in the apartment can be seen in the latest footage.
In the footage’s background, the live broadcast of the popular radio program “Good morning K” could be heard. As the radio is a precious source of information in this world, this makes the radio personality, DJ K a key character in this work.
The radio’s supervisor is the composer Suwa Masaru, who handled “Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~” and the official radio “Sakugan Radio Labyrinth”. The comments from Kamiya and Suwa have been released together with this latest footage.

“Sakugan” will start in fall 2021.

Kamiya Hiroshi

DJ K is a DJ that focuses on talking while grief on this world, where the main protagonist Memenpu and Gaganbar clash with each other. As he has a mysterious role, where he might be involved in the main story or not… but the order from the staff is “Please be like a fake DJ in this FM”, so I will be doing this while over-exaggerating the impression of my FM!

Suwa Masaru

Even when the normal times have become abnormal and when we are doing the abnormal normal routine, you will able to hear this light-hearted DJ’s voice when you match the frequency. This year will be my 25th year as a composer for FM, but I had written this radio to give an impression that this FM’s DJ doesn’t exist. So, please listen to DJ K’s “Good morning K”!

(C) “Sakugan” Production Committee