The main cast members of “Sacks&Guns!!”, an original anime by Studio Satelight, well known for their work on “Macross Frontier” and “Macross Delta”, have been announced. The members are Amane Kanon, Touchi Hiroki, Hanazawa Kana, and Toyonaga Toshiyuki.

“Sacks&Guns!!” is a part of “Project ANIMA”, which aims to create original anime that represents the 2020s.
In 2018, “Project ANIMA” had invited suggestions from the general public for anime drafts in 3 categories: “Sci-Fi/Robot Anime”, “Isekai/Fantasy Anime”, and “Kids/Game Anime”. The original draft of “Sacks&Guns!!”, “Sakugan Labyrinth Marker”, was chosen in the first category, “Sci-Fi/Robot Anime”, and Satelight will be handling the animation for the title.

Set in the far future, where humankind helps each other to live in the “Colony”, which is surrounded by bedrocks.
Outside of the Colony is the wilderness called the “Labyrinth”, and those who risk their lives to explore the “Labyrinth” are called “Markers” because they “mark the map of the wilderness”.
Memenpu is a girl who wants to become a Marker and her father is the ex-Marker, Gagamba. The anime depicts the contrasting parent and child challenging the Labyrinth.

In the announcement, four main cast members were revealed.
The protagonist Memenpu will be played by Amane Kanon, who was chosen by audition for heroine voice actors from the general public.
Touchi Hiroki will be playing Memempu’s father, Gagamba, and Hanazawa Kana will play Zackletu, a mysterious girl that chases the two.
The leader of the delinquent group, Yuri, who they meet during their adventure, will be voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki, who was part of “Project ANIMA” as an ambassador since they were calling for ideas.

“Sacks&Guns!!” is now in production, aiming to be broadcast in Autumn 2021.

Amane Kanon as Memenpu

The recording of “Sacks&Guns!!” has finally begun! I can feel the passion put into this work by everyone who’s a part of it at the studio.
I’ll do my best to understand Memenpu, keep up with the others, and deliver you this ball of energy. Please watch over us as Memenpu and give it all we’ve got. Thank you for your support!

Touchi Hiroki as Gagamba

Wow, we’re finally starting the recording of “Sacks&Guns!!”! I’m Touchi Hiroki and will be playing Gagamba.
I met Kanon-chan, who went through a grueling audition, for the first time. She was so fresh and innocent that she made my heart racing, haha. Her talent is truly exceptional.
This old man won’t be left behind! I want to… No, will be a great parent! It’s been 3 years since the project started, and it’s amazing how I can feel the passion of all the staff members at the recording!
I’ll do my best with all my heart in “Sacks&Guns!!”, so please look forward to it!

Hanazawa Kana as Zackletu

The characters of “Sacks&Guns!!” are all unique, and my character, Zackletu, is no exception.
The explicit change of pace between Gagamba and Memenpu’s conversation and the dynamic action scenes are amazing, so please look forward to the broadcast!

Toyonaga Toshiyuki as Yuri

I was there when “Sacks&Guns!!” was born, so I’m really excited about the production starting!
But I also feel the pressure of being not just a cast member but knowing the backstage and the production process…, haha.
I’m going to convert this pressure to strength to support Memenpu!

(C) “Sacks&Guns!!” Production Committee