The broadcast of the TV anime “Sasaki to Miyano” is in 2022. The list of cast members, including Shirai Yuusuke and Saito Soma, who are continuing their role from the drama CD, the staff information, and the teaser visual have been released.

“Sasaki to Miyano” is a refreshing “High School Boys Youth LIFE” work by Harusono Shou that is currently serialized on “Gene Pixiv”.
The fudanshi with a complex due to his feminine face, Miyano Yoshikazu encounters the delinquent senior, Sasaki Shuumei. Somehow Sasaki got interested in Miyano and told him “Please borrow me your favorite manga”…

The teaser visual depicts a scene taken from Sasaki and Miyano going home.
The information on the cast members and staff have been revealed and the cast member from the drama CD will continue their role. The delinquent senior, Sasaki is voiced by Shirai Yuusuke, the “Fundanshi” that like BL (Boy’s Love), Miyano is voiced by Saito Soma, and the other cast members, including Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Ono Yuuki, Uchida Yuuma, Arai Ryouhei, and Ichiki Mitsuhiro.
The animation will be handled by Studio Deen, known for “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “Super Lovers”.

Also, the recital event has also been decided. Further information regarding this event will be announced soon.
Toward the broadcast of the anime, the official social network account has been established. Present giving campaign and birthday campaign will be held, so do visit the official website for more information.

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