The latest goods of the winter anime “Sasaki and Miyano” have been announced. Pre-orders are currently available on “AniFav!”.

“Sasaki to Miyano” is a refreshing “High School Boys Youth LIFE” work by Harusono Shou that is currently serialized on “Gene Pixiv”. The fudanshi with complexity due to his feminine face, Miyano Yoshikazu caught the attention of the slightly delinquent senior, Sasaki Shuumei. Somehow Sasaki also got attracted to Miyano, who is talking about the BL with enthusiasm.
The TV anime has started broadcast in January 2022. The main cast are Shirai Yuusuke, Saito Souma, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Ono Yuuki, Uchida Yuuma, Arai Ryouhei, and Ichiki Mitsuhiro.

A total of 5 goods were announced, which are “Biggest Keychain”, “Mechanical Pencil”, “Egg-shaped Tin Badge”, “Synthetic Leather Pass Case”, and “Mug”.
As each item can be used easily in daily life, why don’t you take this chance to spend your time with your stan?

Pre-orders for each item are available until January 23, 2022, and the release is scheduled for early March. Detailed information, such as the price, is available on the product webpage on “AniFav!”.

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