It was announced that the release date of the violent film “Dahufa” is on July 23, 2021. This film has attracted attention as it is China’s first anime with age restriction which is being supported by many for its extreme violence.

“Dahufa” is China first animation film for adults.
In order to look for the missing crown prince, the guardian of the Yi Wei Kingdom, Dahufa reached a certain mysterious village after crossing the border. A strange atmosphere can be felt from this village as the residents don’t have a will on their own, have a similar appearance, and they don’t talk. Eventually, Dahufa is slowly approaching the secrets that are kept hidden in the village…

In the trailer, it has a vivid description of the extreme world setting of this work as if it is the fest of violence.
After reaching the village, Dahufa gave off a ray from his staff along with the cheerful music, and it blows away the head and body of the disgusting living beings. What exactly are these beings that bleed green and purple blood…? Do found out about it in the theatres.

“Dahufa” will be released on July 23, at Ikebukuro Humax Cinema and other theatres nationwide Japan.

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