From the TV anime “Super Cub”, the summary and sneak peak for the episode 9 “Inside the Ice”, scheduled on Wednesday, June 2, have been released.

The original work of “Super Cub” is the ongoing light novel from Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. A high school student Koguma does not have either parent nor friends. She one day purchases a super cub and her life gradually changes from nothing to something youth.

Episode 9 is titled “Inside the Ice”. Koguma goes to her school in the freezing weather. Koguma proposes, “You should buy that for sure!”, and Reiko rejects, “I don’t want to buy it whatsoever!!”.

At lunch. Two girls get warm with Shii’s gift. On their way home, Shii invites them to her café, which is also her home. She has something to show to stay warm.

TV anime “Super Cub” episode 9 “Inside the Ice” was broadcast on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at TOKYO MX.

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