From the TV anime “Kageki Shoujo!!”, broadcast scheduled on July 2021, the additional casts have been announced. Hanazawa Kana, Komatsu Mikako, and Suwabe Junichi are participating. Moreover, the character promotion movie for Sarasa (CV: Senbongi Sayaka) is also released.

The original work of “Kageki Shoujo!!” is youth sports musical manga by Saiki Kumiko, which is currently serialized in “Melody” of Hakusensha.
The story is set in Red Flower Opera Music Academy, the school aiming to educate the talents for “Red Flower Opera Company”, the group that comprises only of female . The teenagers belong to 100th generation strives to become a future star by overcoming obstacles.

As the upperclassmen who educate the protagonist Watanabe Sarasa and other training students, the participation of Nojima Hijiri (CV: Hanazawa Kana), Nakayama Risa (CV: Komatsu Mikako), and Takei Tomomi (CV: Terasaki Yuka) have been decided. Moreover, the music teacher Andou Mamoru is played by Suwabe Junichi, Narata Taichi is played by Nojima Kenji, and Shirakawa Akiya, a Kabuki actor who knows Sarasa well, is played by Takanashi Kengo, and Shirakawa Kouzaburou is played by Koyasu Takehito. The comments from those 7 casts have arrived.

The character promotion movie for Sarasa (CV: Senbongi Sayaka) is now released. Sarasa, a girl who dreams to become an “Oscar-sama”, shows her charm throughout the movie in 45 seconds with original lines. The character promotion movie for the 7 training students will be release one by one.
TV anime “Kageki Shoujo!!” will be broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, BS11, and HTB from July 3, 2021.

Hanazawa Kana (Nojima Hijiri)
I like how she honestly live, like how Hijiri is taking a fighting pose throughout her life while smiling. I remember how I was always nervous when I was both a student and a professional children actor.
I was glad to play Hijiri’s episode that I cried when I read the original manga, for the drama CD coming with the package gift.
I am looking forward to the broadcast with “Kageki Shoujo!!” fans.

Komatsu Mikako (Nakayama Risa)
Behind the curtain of the bright stage, the expectation and hope, hard work and tears, resignation, and despair, and friendship and love of the dreaming girls do exist. With mixture of emotions, the girls will make you addicted to the way they work hard and growing up beautifully and strongly!
Although I am in the different field, I think the anime is similar by how they learn to act, make up the work together, admire, or be jealous of the talents, and the way how we also struggle and work together. The energy produced by dreaming girls are infinite! Welcome to Red Flowe Opera Company! Please look forward to it!

Terasaki Yuka (Takei Tomomi)
Why do they came to Red Flower, why do they chose this career?
Although they faces the obstacles, with the strong passion and respect for the stage, the way the girls growing up by facing with themselves, will give you the braveness to take a small step and the opportunity to relearn about yourself.
I was always excited when reading the original manga.
All characters are charming! This is the best company!
I was so lucky that I could live a life as Takei Tomomi.
I am certain that there is a girl who will catch your heart! Please look forward to watch “Kageki Shoujo!!”.

Suwabe Junichi (Andou Mamoru)
This is the story of girls working hard for their dreams. As a man of the entertainment industry, there are scenes that I could related to. I have already read the mange before this anime, so I am honored that I could be the part of it. I will do my best to watch over the girls throughout the anime.

Nojima Kenji (Narata Taichi)
I had the opportunity to read the original work several years ago, and I wished strongly for the anime adaption. I dreamed of becoming Mr. Narata Taichi if I was given a role. Now the manga has gotten the anime adaption, and I am Narata Taichi. Thank you. The characters played by the other casts are also the best match, and I look forward for the broadcast. The work contains everything from the pressure of the youth, strong passion, friendship, and dreams. I remember strong emotions will stab you when reading the manga. Please look forward to the anime “Kageki Shoujo!!”.

Takanashi Kengo (Shirakawa Akiya)
My name is Takanahsi Kengo, and I will be playing Shirakawa Akiya in the TV anime “Kageki Shoujo!!”. This is the youth ensemble cast of the girls growing up to become the great actors, so I was interested in reading it. I am honored to be the part of it. This is from the perspective of Akiya, but please also pay attention on how he help Sarasa throughout the story. I will do my best to deliver the best animation that goes beyond your expectation with the wonderful staff, the director Yoneda, and other great cast members. Please look forward for the release.

Koyasu Takehito (Shirakawa Kouzaburou)
The youth explodes, in the middle of youth! This is wonderful.
I want to cheer them up, so I will cheer them up.
Do your best! You do your best too!

© Saiki Kumiko, Hakusensha/ “Kageki Shoujo!!” Production Committee