Voice actress and artist Uchida Maaya appears on the front cover of the June issue of “Seiyu Animedia”, on sale May 10, 2021. Uesaka Sumire graces the back cover.

Uchida Maaya, who will be releasing her new single “Strobe Memory” on May 12, 2021, appears on the front cover and first page of the magazine. In addition to the song, we’ll also hear about the changes she’s gone through from last year to this year, as well as a variety of spring-related Q&A. There will also be a beautiful gravure.

The back cover and special feature is on Uesaka Sumire, who released the OP theme song “EASY LOVE” for the TV anime “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” on April 21. The special features include her thoughts on the song, the impressive visuals, and behind-the-scenes footage of the anime recording.

In addition, there is a separate appendix with a data file of the voice actors of “IDOLY PRIDE” and posters of Uchida Maaya and Uesaka Sumire. In the “IDOLY PRIDE” data file, there are handwritten profiles of 18 main cast members and Q&A about IDOLY PRIDE.

This issue also comes with an Animate Limited Edition cover. We hope you enjoy the different cover image from the regular edition.
Both the front and back covers have the same pose, but it’s a coincidence. The editorial department of “Seiyu Animedia” revealed the story behind the photo shoot.

The June 2021 issue of “Seiyu Animedia” will go on sale on May 10. The price is 1,500 JPY (tax included).