“Prince Letter(s)! From Idol”, a comprehensive idol project that allows users to “communicate” with male idol characters by writing and sending letters to them, and receive a handwritten reply, has been launched by Shochiku. From Idol” has been launched by Shouchiku.
The voice actors are Tsuchida Reiou, Toki Shunichi, and Horie Shun, and ahead of its full-scale launch in spring 2021, the company is currently recruiting participants for a free trial on Twitter.

“Prince Letter(s)! From Idol” is a project in which male idol characters, whose catchphrase is “We have a secret,” tell us about their background and the events that led them to become idols through their own handwritten correspondence.

The voice actors for the male idol characters, designed by Hakuseki, have been announced.
Tsuchida Reiou will be playing Azuki Akito, a boy who is straightforward in everything, Toki Shunichi Toki will be playing Meiouin Shin, a philosophical thinker, and Horie Shun will be playing Yuzu, a highly professional idol.

The characters of the boys’ club will express their individuality as they aim to make their debut as a unit at the “Tokiwaka Academy,” an elite idol training institution with an ironclad rule of “no ‘internet’ of any kind.

As the world’s first comprehensive idol project by Shouchiku that also allows for “communicationondence,” “Prince Letter(s)! From Idol,” in which female characters appear, is also being developed.
From now on, in addition to songs and media mixes in the style of traditional idol content, both projects plan to release “poetic” content such as poetry reading music videos inspired by “letters,” in which the idols’ own words and thoughts are spun in the first person. We plan to release more “poetic” contents as needed.

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