The TV anime “Peach Boy Riverside” will feature additional cast members including Mineda Mayu, Hirakawa Daisuke, and Suzuhana Yuuko, the vocalist of Wagakki Band. In addition, the second key visual, broadcast date, and theme song information were also announced.

“Peach Boy Riverside” is based on the comic of the same name by Coolkyousinnjya and illustrated by Johanne, which is being serialized in “Shonen Magazine R” and “Magapoke”. It depicts another “peach” story of “that fairy tale” that everyone knows.

Additional cast members include Mineda Mayu, Hirakawa Daisuke, and Suzuhana Yuuko. Mineda-san will be playing the role of Millia, a former demon dressed as a sister, Hirakawa-san will be playing the role of Sumeragi, a high demon dressed as a pastor, and Suzuhana-san, who is making her first attempt at anime voice acting, will be playing the role of Atra, an angel. In addition, Murai Misato and Kubo Yurika were also announced to appear.
We have also received comments from the cast members.

In the second key visual released, the demons, including Sumeragi, Todoroki, Vampire, and Jucerino, appear. You can also see Sally, Mikoto and the others holding swords and smiling, a change from the cute expressions in the first key visual.

Also, the theme song information was announced. The OP theme will be “Dark spiral journey”, a collaboration between Q-MHz and Suzuhana Yuuko, who is known as the vocalist of Wagakki Band and plays the role of Atra in this work, and the ED theme will be “Yoru wo Koudou Ashioto” by Mitei no Hanashi.

The TV anime “Peach Boy Riverside” will start airing on TOKYO MX, BS NTV, and other stations from July 1, 2021.

Mineda Mayu (as Millia)
–What is your impression of this work?

It’s a fantastical and exciting story that blows away the concept of “Momotaro” that I’ve been familiar with since I was a child, so it’s very thrilling to read.
The moments when Sally and Mikoto’s calm smiles suddenly change to crazy expressions are scary but cool…!
The unique characters such as demons, sub-humans, witches, and dogs are also a highlight.

–Impressions and enthusiasm for the character

An innocent girl who is straightforward with her feelings.
However, she also has an appealing calmness that she shows from time to time.
Millia loves to fight, so I want to have fun playing her in the battle scenes.
She’s a character that tastes good twice or thrice in one piece, so I hope you’ll pay attention!

Hirakawa Daisuke (Sumeragi)
–What is your impression of this work?

It’s a story about Momotaro who crossed the sea, woven by characters with their own quirks. Demons have their own way of being demons, people have their own way of being people, and sub-humans have their own way of being sub-humans, so it’s not easy to say ‘who or what is justice’ or ‘whose side is right’.

–Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters

Sumeragi is as aloof as the other characters, and you never know what he’s thinking or where his true intentions lie. What is his purpose, and what is his true character? I’d like to enjoy the gap between his normal face and the evil expression he sometimes shows and try performing him to the best of my ability.

Murai Misato (as Todoroki)
–What is your impression of this work?

When I first read the comics, I had the impression that it was quite dark.
It was a story about the main characters trying to find a way to coexist in a world of conflict, so I was really attracted to the story and wondered what would happen.
I could see the bonds between each person and demon, and I was filled with many emotions, some heart-warming, some painful.

–Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters

Todoroki looks calm, but he is a very passionate demon, and I got the impression that he really cares about his friends and relatives.
As a reader, I found it cute that he has a blatant attitude towards others, and because he is so honest, you can see his many expressions.
I wanted to convey his many expressions in the role, such as his feelings toward the demon, the difference in the way he treats his relatives who have forgiven him, and the way he treats those who have turned against him.

Kubo Yurika (playing the role of Jucerino)
–What is your impression of this work?

It’s a story that I grew up watching and listening to since I was a little girl, and I’m familiar with it. But now it’s in a different genre! I had never imagined it before, and I thought it was very fresh to see it from a completely different angle.
It was really fun.
Also, when I looked at the work with a focus on the character I’ll be playing, Jucerino, I had a slightly skewed impression: “Demon, she’s kind of cute…” (laughs).

–Impressions and enthusiasm for the character

Small and childlike in appearance and behavior, Jucerino is just plain cute!
Because of her innocent and pure character, she has a lot of strength, so I tried to keep her relaxed and not too meaningful.
I was very happy to be chosen to play the role of Jucerino, and I hope that many people will love her.

Suzuhana Yuuko (Atra)
–What is your impression of this work?

This is my first work as an anime voice actress, and the fact that it is based on the Japanese folktale “Momotaro” makes me feel very connected to the story, as I have been mainly involved in Japanese culture.
As I read through the story, I was drawn into the world of the work before I knew it and felt as if I were traveling with them as a member of the group.

–Impressions and enthusiasm for the characters

I was very nervous because this was the first anime in which I would be involved as a voice actor, but until the day of the recording, I read a lot and tried my best to get close to Atra in my own way.
I felt that the character of Atra was similar to my younger self, and I will never forget how I felt as if I was stepping into Atra’s shoes.
My character, Atra, is a girl with a secret inside.
It seems that there are things in her past that are not revealed in the scenes in which she appears, but I’m looking forward to finding out her secrets as they gradually become clearer!
And most importantly, I really like the artwork and fell in love with Atra’s visuals at first sight!

Q-MHz Comment
I’m Q-MHz, and I produced the OP song for Peach Boy Riverside!
This time, I collaborated with Suzuhana Yuuko! I knew her as a vocalist with a very strong power, so I was really looking forward to production.
We were able to mix the royal feeling of the OP with the fantasy and shadiness of the work, so please listen to the performance as well, but above all, Suzuhana-san’s singing! It was so powerful that we were all in awe of it during the recording.
It’s as if she took a song with many elements and skewered it with a single thick line of the song. I’m very proud of this work, and I hope you enjoy it!

Suzuhana Yuuko comments
It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with anyone other than a band, and this was my first attempt to work with a team of songwriters like Q-MHz.
I was continuously amazed by the wonderful collaboration of everyone.
I felt like I was a member of Q-MHz, and the day of the recording was a lot of fun.
The time we spent together, sharing our ideas and experimenting to create a piece of music, was very exciting to feel the power of professionals overlapping with each other to create something better.
It was a very valuable experience that made me realize my own new solo potential.

I am very happy that my desire to sing anime songs as a solo artist one day has come to fruition in this way.
Collaborating with Q-MHz, I feel as if an interesting chemical reaction has occurred from a source that I don’t have inside myself.
I expressed a core strength in the song to draw you into the world of the anime and to expand the background.

I hope that this work will be loved along with the anime.

Miteino Hanashi Comment
I’m Aru. of Miteino Hanashi, and I’m going to be in charge of the ending theme song. When I heard that I would be in charge of the ending song for the anime, I was so surprised and moved that I couldn’t really feel it. As I worked on “Peach Boy Riverside,” I overlapped the feelings of the main character, Sally, with my own feelings, and completed a powerful song about facing conflicts and hardships.
I will never forget the sense of accomplishment I felt when I finished the work with the support of many people.

It’s a great work that makes me realize once again the worries and pains I have within myself, and the existence that can compensate for them. I hope you enjoy the music as well as the anime.

(C) Coolkyousinnjya, Yohane / Kodansha / “Peach Boy Riverside” Production Committee