The “Hypnosis Mic” special program, “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle 《2nd D.R.B.》 Final Battle Advancement Result Announcement” was broadcast exclusively on “ABEMA” on May 15. It was such a big hit that “#ヒプマイ結果発表SP” trended No.1 in both Japan and the world in the first four minutes.

“Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle 《2nd D.R.B》” is a music original character rap project in which the winner is chosen through a three-round voting process: LIVE voting (1st voting), CD voting (2nd voting), and VR BATLLE voting (3rd voting).

The leaders of the 6 divisions appeared in the announcement: Kimura Subaru as Yamada Ichirou from Ikebukuro Division “Buster Bros!!!”, Asanuma Shintarou as Aohitsugi Samatoki from Yokohama Division “MAD TRIGGER CREW”, Shirai Yuusuke as Amemura Ramuda from Shibuya Division “Fling Posse”, Hayami Shou as Jinguuji Jakurai from Shinjuku Division “Matenrou”, Iwasaki Ryouta as Nurude Sasara from Osaka Division “Dotsuitare Honpo”, and Hayama Shouta as Harai Kuukou from Nagoya Division “Bad Ass Temple”. They watched the final results for the Final Battle being announced after the VR BATTEL voting (3rd voting).

The leaders became tense when the results began to be announced by the surprise guests: Kobayashi Yuu as Touhouten Otome, Takahashi Chiaki as Kadenokouji Ichijiku, and Yamamoto Nozomi as Aohitsugi Nemu from “Chuuouku Kotonohatou”.

The results were:
For Osaka Division “Dotsuitare Honpo” vs Ikebukuro Division “Buster Bros!!”, 134,544 to 158,191
For Nagoya Division “Bad Ass Temple” vs Shinjuku Division “Materou”, 144,411 to 158,861
And for Shibuya Division “Fling Posse” vs Yokohama Division “MAD TRIGGER CREW”, 181,668 to 167,264
The teams to advance to the “Final Battle” are “Buster Bors!!”, “Matenrou”, and “Fling Posse”.

Each of the leaders made a comment for the fans about the results.

Iwasaki “First of all, I want to thank you all for voting in the VR voting. The results showed how close the battle was. We lost this time, but this means we can only move up from here! Please look forward to the future Osaka! And congratulations Ikebukuro!”

Kimura “I’m so happy. We three brothers really wanted this win, so I’m glad we won. I have great respect for Osaka, who we fought against, and am grateful that we were able to win. We will keep doing our best so that you can be proud of voting for Ikebukuro and supporting us. Thank you for your continued support!”

Hayama “To be honest, the strongest feeling I have is that I had a lot of fun, so I think we were truly able to have a great battle with Shinjuku without any regrets. We lost the battle but the three of us from “Bad Ass Temple” will continue to grow, and one day, we’ll battle against the champ. We appreciate your continued support. Congratulations ‘Matenrou’!”

Hayami “Of course I’m happy, but at the same time, I feel a lot of pressure. I want to take on Nagoya’s hopes along with us to the next stage, and the three of us will unite to pull off a great performance. Thank you for your support.”

Shirai “I didn’t think the last vote would also be such a close call. We really gave it our all, so I’m satisfied with the results that show how far we’ve come. I’m so glad that I’m out of words. Going against Yokohama brought out a great performance and got us this result. We will take revenge once again in the next stage with Yokohama’s hopes on our shoulders. Thank you for voting for us!”

Asanuma “I really want to thank you for voting for Yokohama. I’m sorry we couldn’t come up to your expectations. And I also want to apologize to Koma-chan (Komada Wataru as Iruma Juuto) and Kamio-san (Kamio Shinichirou as Busujima Mason Riou), who fought along with me. But I’m really happy that so many people were moved by Hypnosis Mic. At the first DRB, (Kimura) Subaru said, ‘Hip hop is a lifestyle, so take all your happiness and sadness with you and enjoy it because that’s what hip hop is all about.’ We will once again take his words all in. Yokohama makes the best of our loss! We will keep on doing our best. Thank you once again, and congratulations, Shibuya Posse!”

The leaders of the three winning teams also shouted out to their team members about their victory.

Kimura “Jirou, Saburou, we did it! I love you guys so much. Let’s keep on fighting together. Let’s treat ourselves for dinner!”

Hayami “Kijima-kun (Kijima Ryuuichi as Izanami Hifumi), Itou-kun (Itou Kento as Kannonzaka Doppo), we’ve won. Let’s keep on devoting ourselves and fight fair and square in the next step! Thanks for your support!”

Shirai “Souma (Saitou Souma as Yumeno Gentarou), Nozu (Nozuyama Yukihiro as Arisugawa Daisu), I truly believe that you two brought us together and led us to this victory. But I want to go even further, so keep it up! Let’s do our best in the next round too, thanks!”

The announcement brought upon various emotions and the viewers posted comments of both joy and sorrow like, “My legs are trembling,” “Such a bummer…”, and “Both teams did their best!”

At the end of the show, it was announced that “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle 7th LIVE 《SUMMIT OF DIVISION》” will be held for two days from August 7 to August 8, 2021, and the voting process of the Final Battle of the three teams, “Buster Bros!!!”, “Matenrou”, and “Fling Posse”, was explained.
Let’s look forward to seeing which division will rise to the top.

“Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle 《2nd D.R.B.》 Final Battle Advancement Result Announcement” is currently streamed on “ABEMA”.

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