The teaser PV of the TV anime “Love Live! Super Star!!” has been released. This work will starts in July 2021, on NHK E-TV.

“Love Live!” is a “school idol project” that has various media development, including CD releases, anime, games, and live event, with the key word of “Minna de Kanae Monogatari (A story where every wish come true)”.

The series “Love Live! Super Star!!” is the latest project that started in January 2020 after “μ’s”, “Aqours”, and “Nijigasaki High School Idol Club”. The announcement on the members of the latest group “Liella!” in December 2020 has become a hot topic.

The teaser PV was revealed on the sales commemoration event of “Liella!”‘s debut single. The PV features a landscape that is similar to Omotesando and Harajuku with a glimpse of the members of “Liella!” moving energetically.
Other information will be announced soon.

TV anime “Love Live! Super Star!!” will start on July 2021, on NHK E-TV, at 7:00 PM, every Sunday.

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