A key visual of the TV anime “Love Live! Superstars!!”, broadcast of which will start in July 2021 on NHK E-TV, has been revealed.

“Love Live!” is a project series that depicts female high school students becoming “school idols” to make their dreams come true. Up until now the group μ’s, Aqours, and Nijisaki High School Idol Club were created, and various media developments, including CD release, anime, game, and live events, were released.

The key visual of the TV anime of the latest series “Love Live! Superstars!!” depicts the 5 young girls, who encountered the school idols, with Shibuya Kanon in the center. These 5 young girls are part of the school idol group, Liella! and they debut with their single on April 7, 2021.

TV anime “Love Live! Superstars!!” will start broadcasting in July 2021, on NHK E-TV

TV anime “Love Live! Superstars!!”
Broadcast start in July 2021 on NHK E-TV

(C) Project Love Live! Superstars!! (C) 2021 Project Love Live! Superstars!!