It was decided that WIT STUDIO’s original anime “Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song” will be broadcast for free on Nico Nico Video and ABEMA. To commemorate this, the review comments from the series composer and scriptwriter Nagatsuki Tappei and Umehara Eiji on the fixation and highlights scene of episode 1 to 4 have been released.

The first three episodes of “Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song” will be broadcast at 9:10 PM, on April 20, 2021, while episode 4 will be broadcast at 10:30 PM, on April 20. On ABEMA, the first four episodes can be viewed for free from 7:00 PM, on April 24 to 7:00 PM, on April 25.

Nagatsuki Tappei

If I were to talk about the broadcasted episodes, it would be the lack of impact in the first episode and the last scene where the airplane crash in episode 2 came out quite well. With the assistance of the video and acting, I believe that the atmosphere of this work was able to be expressed in detail.
As the plot is about changing history, I have a thought that that intervention in fate by the action of the character was inevitable. For the sake of their “purpose”, an AI would take the ideal actions, but the ideals of Vivi and Matsumoto clash with each other when both of them are dealing with the problems in both present and future.
There are many outstanding contrast scenes between the two, as Vivi has a robotic action that wants to get closer to a human, while Matsumoto has a sense of humor like a human but prioritizes the AI’s rationality.
Even in episode 3, during the space hotel accident, Vivian and Matsumoto clashes with each other as they have different stances and motivations toward solving this accident. Their relationship with the key person in each time period is important, but I think you will be able to enjoy Vivy more if you pay more attention toward the odd-end pair, Vivi and Matsumoto, who have no choice but to co-operate with each other toward the same goals!

Umehara Eiji

I’m Umehara, who is handling the series composition and script together with Nagatsuki-san.
My fixation scene from episode 1 and 2 is the scene where Vivi is supporting the debris. Actually, for that scene, I have a long conversation with the director Ezaki and Nagatsuki-san regarding when Vivi’s line should be turned on (by saying through the mouth instead of an internal communication) during her interaction with Matsumoto. Actually, this is just an action of blocking the debris, but along with the drawing, directing, and acting, it has become quite a worthwhile scene.
For episode 3 and 4, do check out the song in the last scene and the space depiction, such as the non-gravity and the starry sky. I honestly think that all of this is depicting in fine detail. There is also the close-combat scenes of Vivi. To be honest, the movement of that scene was not specified in the script, so it was actually created by the drawers and performers and the pillar of that scene is the animator Tokumaru-san. The result of that was quite amazing.
Vivi’s journey has just started, so I hope you would watch it till the end. Please do look forward to it.

(C) Vivy Score/ Aniplex, WIT STUDIO