It was announced that Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Sandersonia” will be used as the opening theme of the 2nd cour of the TV anime “Love All Play” from July. Hey! Say! JUMP will be remaining as the opening artist of the anime and their comments have been released.

“Love All Play” is a youth badminton anime based on the light novel series by Koseki Asami and published by Poplar Publishing. The title “Love All Play” is the starting signal on the start of a badminton match. This is a story about the growth of the nameless badminton athlete Mizushima Ryo to be a top athlete as he aims to win the inter-high school championship.

It was announced that the opening of the 2nd cour of this work is Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Sandersonia” and this is an ambitious song by Kataoka Kenta (sumika) as the lyric writer and composer, who also handled the lyrics of the 1st cour’s opening “Haru Tsubame”. Do check out the 2nd dream collaboration between Hey! Say! JUMP and sumika along with the heated up development of the anime.

TV anime “Love All Play” is being broadcast every Saturday at 5:30 PM, at Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV affiliated. The anime will be entering its 2nd cour in July.

Hey! Say! JUMP

Following the previous song “Haru Tsubame”, we are honored to be able to handle the 2nd cour’s opening theme of “Love All Play”.
This song is also written by Kataoka-san (sumika).

This is a rock song that has the lovely melody of Kataoka-san (sumika) and the profound lyrics, which are perfect for the blue sky of summer!

We believe this song is linked to the speedy badminton match and the enthusiasm of the members of Yokohama Minato High School’s badminton club, so please do listen to this song while thinking about the world of this anime.

By Hey! Say! JUMP

(C) Koseki Asami, Poplar Publishing/ Yokohama Minato High School Badminton Club