“Cardfight! Vanguard”, three starting decks for the new series “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress” will be released simultaneously on March 25, 2021 for 333 JPY (tax included).

The new series “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress” is a new series of “Cardfight! Vanguard” and has been launched with CLAMP as the character designer and Kinema Citrus as the animation producer, and the starting decks have been released in time for the TV anime broadcast in April 2021.

The first start deck, “Kondo Yuuyu – Tenrin Seiryuu”, contains dragon and miko units. The second deck “Momoyama Danji -Tiger of Tyranny-” contains many demon units, and the third deck “Ebata Touya -Lord of Heaven-” contains knight and angel units.

In addition, a card supply will also be available at a special price to commemorate the start of the series, to meet the demand of those who want to use their precious cards in a stylish way for a long time.

The “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress Start Deck” will go on sale simultaneously on March 25, 2021 for 333 JPY each (tax included) and a special set containing the three Start Decks will also be available at some FamilyMart stores.

(C) VANGUARD overDress Character Design (C) 2021 CLAMP, ST