The first in the history of industry original seiyuu regular program “Say You to Yoasobi”, which is being distributed on the anime channel of the new future TV “ABEMA”, celebrated its 4th anniversary on April 2, 2021.

Here at Anime! Anime!, co commemorate the 4th anniversary and start of the new season, we interviewed the MC voice actors who are in charge of each broadcast on the week. We asked them about their journey and enthusiasm for the fourth year for “Say You to Yoasobi”

This time we interviewed Komatsu Mikako, who is in charge of MC on Wednesday. Uesaka Sumire and Tokui Sora, who joined this season, will be also in charge of Wednesday, which has the theme of “destruction”. What are the important thoughts of Mikako Komatsu, who has created Wednesdays to be able to exchange frank opinions not only with the actors but also with the staff? Let’s take a look behind the scenes.
[Interview / text = Mori Motoyuki Photo = Ayumi Fujita]

――You continued to be an MC of “Say You to Yoasobi 2020”. What were your feelings when you first heard about it?

Komatsu: We haven’t discussed it in 2020, but after the New Year, it came up naturally “this year as well…”.
Wednesday’s theme is “destruction,” but there were many trials and errors. At the time of the meeting, I started with the feeling, “I talked a lot after all, but what are we going to do with the corner?”, so I am doubting myself (laughs).

Little by little, I was able to create something like a conversation with the staff, and I came to an understanding, “Wednesday is so tense.”
When I talked to Yasumoto Hiroki the other day, I realized that the tension on each day of the week was completely different. From Yasumoto-san’s point of view, Wednesday is like, “It is when a team is overwhelmed by tension.” I thought, “This was right for me.”

It was difficult, but I was very happy to continue because we gradually worked on teamwork and become able to come this far as a team on Wednesday.

――How about recording while drinking alcohol?

Komatsu: I’m not that strong, but as I got along with Uesaka Sumire, who drinks a lot, I began to see the tension and borderline of each other when drinking alcohol. I gradually realized that “it’s okay so far, and this is dangerous when I go this far”.
However, it was fun because I could produce something unexpected because I was drunk.

There is also lateral communication… There is also a connection through sake, like borrowing a little sake prepared by Morikubo Shotaro. There was also a feeling that I would have been able to connect by drinking and doing a program that would be something that would normally be possible only after going out for a drink.

――What kind of alcohol do you usually drink during the recording?

Komatsu: It’s an apple sparkling cider. It’s easy to drink even for people who aren’t strong drinking alcohol, and I have started to get used to it, and sometimes I borrow something strong that Sumire likes.

――During the year’s work, what was the most memorable?

Komatsu: I remember doing something quite impressive on turning points. Birthdays, Halloween, or when I broke plates.
The first time when I visited Bar “L’asile” it left a strong impression on me. I had them make their own original cocktails and it was delicious, but I got quite drunk, and the next week, the staff joked a lot, “You look like an octopus., like this”(laughs). Sometimes I can become an octopus, but it is also impressive.

――Wednesday, when the theme is “destruction,” is there anything you are usually aware of in recording?

Komatsu: Everyone feels like it is rude. It’s the same with Sumire, and we have a relationship where we can frankly exchange opinions with the staff, and we also discuss what we can do behind the scenes and what we are interested in doing. We are always careful not to over-do it.

――You discuss even that with the production staff?

Komatsu: Well, yeah!?. There are many things, but the budget is pretty small (laughs). Sometimes I didn’t have a chair.
When I think about it, I’m focusing on small props and “Would it be better if we don’t spend money on this?” Also, AD, Kuwa-san, always has a very difficult feeling, so I would like to say, “Please work harder for Kuwa-san.”

――Are there any plans that you want to try in “Say You to Yoasobi 2021”?

Komatsu: I’m interested in location planning. Even in the “program meeting” section of the program, I said various things like “I want to go to the pool” and “I want to go camping”, but after all, I want to finally do it.
Above all, I really want to go camping. I would like to take a look at the destructive power of nature’s images. Sumire would like it.

――Is it likely that this year will be Wednesday with the theme of “destruction”?

Komatsu: Well… Since it was “destruction” in 2020, maybe it will be “regeneration” in season 4…? (laughs). It’s like fixing what you broke and building it. “Destruction” is accompanied by “regeneration”, so I would like to repair something.

――Who would you like to see as guests?

Komatsu: Originally, I was talking about “I want to call the team of ‘Star Twinkle PreCure'”. When I took a break from being MC, Kohara Konomi, who played the role of Hagoromo Lala, came as a substitute.
I haven’t been able to call other members yet, so I’d like to call them. I want her to come with Eitaso (Naruse Eimi / Hoshina Hikaru).

At the time of the live performance of “Star Twinkle PreCure”, everyone was really excited to do fans dancing, but I would like to do something like mastering fans dancing.
I was told from the beginning that I would do it this way, but since I had only done it for that moment, I would like you to teach me from the basics one by one and from the preparatory movement in advance. In the end, I would like to show off the fans dance around the fire together at the campsite.

――Would you like to join some other days?

Komatsu: I’d like to go out every day of the week, but Seki Tomokazu and Morikubo Shotaro on Friday talked on the phone during the show, which was a surprise, so I’m going to the main story on Friday this time. I would like to make a reverse surprise.

I haven’t been on Kimura Subaru and Kaneda Tomoko’s “Say You to Yoasobi Connect”, so I’d like to go there too.

――The program has a motif of “Yoasobi” (lit. “night fun”). On the contrary, do you have a morning routine?

Komatsu: How about cleaning cat’s poop (laughs)? I do this every morning. If I don’t clean it, my cat won’t stop squeaking, so there is no other way but wake up.

――Is there anything you would like to say to your partner Uesaka Sumire.

Komatsu: Hmm… Sumire seems to be listening at the time of the meeting, but actually, she is not. She often twists something in her hands. It’s not that she is not listening to anything, but she seems to listen and not listen at the same time.
However, I think that it is more interesting because I think that I can get a first-time reaction on a new program. It’s better to leave Sumire as it is, so I’d like to say, “I’ll ask you to stay as you are,” in both good and bad ways. I want her to do what she wants.

――New season starts in April, so what do you want to do and challenge this year?

Komatsu: Hmm… I’m a person who doesn’t really have a hobby. Sumire is exactly the opposite, she has a lot of hobbies and doing a lot of things. When I wonder what I am going to do, I’m just taking a nap (laughs).

――Don’t you sometimes have a hobby?

Komatsu: Sometimes. It’s usually something like “just do a to-do list”, so I want to be able to type in plus something.
By the way, when I saw the news that my favorite Kuraki Mai started skateboarding due to a longing for Conan from the beginning of this year, I got interested, saying, “Kuraki-san started skateboarding!”

――Finally, would you like to left a message for fans?

Komatsu: I will continue to be in charge of Wednesday. I think Sumire and I are still like usual, but with the addition of the third MC, Tokui Sora, as a new item, I think a completely different Wednesday will come out.

I think Wednesday has been and will continue to be a hit, but I hope you enjoy the live feeling that is unique to live-broadcast.
I hope I can help you with your daily stress relief. If you’re stressed… I’m sorry. Please be healed the next day (laughs).