New futuristic TV station “ABEMA” is currently streaming the first original voice actor regular show called “Say You to Yoasobi” at Anime CH, and the show has marked the 4th anniversary at April 2, 2021.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted interviews to each chairperson voice actors, which changes every day of the week. We asked for their history with “Say You to Yoasobi” and their goals for the 4th anniversary.

We conducted an interview with Uesaka Sumire, who is in charge of the show every Wednesday. She will be the chairperson with Komatsu Mikako and the new chairwoman Tokui Sora to lead Wednesdays with the theme-“Destruction”. What is their work to show “freshness” hidden behind “destruction”?
[interview conducted and article written by:Mori Motoyuki Photograph taken by Fujita Ayumi]

Q. We believe that you were the chairperson for “Say You to Yoasobi 2020”. What did you feel when you received an offer as of last year?

Uesaka: 2020 flew by so quickly that I sometimes feel “wow, it’s already over”. I feel relieved that I can continue the role of chairperson of “Say You to Yoasbi” also in 2021.
I feel exhausted after every show because the theme is “destruction”, but Mikakoshi-san (Komatsu Mikako) controls the show so nicely and I can act freely during the show. I want feel the fans to feel refreshing atmosphere in addition to the destruction.

Q. What are Wednesdays for you, Uesaka-san?

Uesaka: The song “Ame no Wednesday” (Rainy Wednesday) by Ootaki Eiichi pops into my mind. I believe Wednesday is when fatigue starts accumulating. At the same time, Wednesday is the day CDs are released, so it is an important day of the week as an artist myself.

Q. What is an impressive episode from “Say You to Yoasobi 2020”?

Uesaka: I remember Mikakoshi-san wore a cosplay for my birthday and I also remember Mikakoshi-san and I wore wedding costumes together. Also, I dressed-up like Santa Clause on the Christmas episode, and we could experience many changes unique to girls.

Q. What is your goal to make “Say You to Yoasobi 2021” a wonderful show?

Uesaka: I think the show will be beautiful with participation of the new chairperson, Tokui Sora. I look forward for the fan time with the other two members, and the energy from 3 ladies will match perfectly with “Destructive Wednesday”.

Q. Do you have any request for the show section?

Uesaka: I really enjoyed when I visited the bar called “L’asile”, so I hope that I can go outside during the show, but I love this nicely planned studio and projects, too.

Q. Do you have any request for the guests?

Uesaka: I want to talk to “professionals” of destruction. I want to meet fighters and the professionals who deal with explosives.

Q. I believe you have many hobbies, but what makes you love professional wrestling so much?

Uesaka: I was charmed by the wrestler called Tiger Jet Shin. He was a villain wrestler of New Japanese Wrestling from overseas,
but he had his own performance, including using sabers and fight just using seats. Since then, I am charmed by the professional wresting that I kept watching “Kinnikuman” and “Professional Wrestling Superstar Legends”.

Q. Professional wrestlers look like they are not only the tough men, but also have kind, and caring personalities.

Uesaka: I believe that comes from the fact they are also businessmen. They always work hard to make their company look nice, and they are the strongest businessmen.

Q. Do you have any request to appear as the guest in the show on other days of the week?

Uesaka: Well, I want to visit any other show, except for “Say You to Yoasbi” Connect”, ran by Kimura Subaru-san and Kaneda Tomoko-san.

Q. Do you have any morning routines?

Uesaka: I drink supplements sent by calculating the nutrients I lack, since I do not always eat enough vegetables. Also, I drink enzyme drink, so I look like I take in a good amount of nutrients. I cannot wake up well, but I can drink supplements without opening my eyes.

Q. Do you have any message to your partner, Komatsu Mikako?

Uesaka; Uh…I love you.

Q. What is your goal for the 4th anniversary?

Uesaka; I want to try the skydiving, since this year is also the 10th anniversary of me as a voice actress.
Moreover, since “party” is the theme of “Say You to Yoasbi 2021”, so I want to ride in a Limousine. I want to enjoy this year fully like drinking a champagne on a limousine.

Q. May I have your message toward the fans?

Uesaka; I will be your chairperson for “Say You to Yoasbi 2021” as of the previous show, “Say You to Yoasobi 2020”,
I believe there will be new visitors to the show. Wednesday is day of shouting, destroying and asking for unbelievable requests to the guests, etc… It is the day to go against the flow of the forceful society.
I believe this show will be the unforgettable 90 minutes, so please drink this show like a medicine to cure your fatigue.