“Filmarks”, one of the largest movie, drama, and anime review services, announced its midterm results for the “2021 Winter Anime Filmarks Ranking”.
“Pui Pui Molcar” received the highest satisfaction rate (stars), followed by “SK8 the Infinity” in 2nd and “Non Non Biyori Nonstop” in 3rd.

“Pui Pui Molcar” in 1st place is set in a world where guinea pigs have become cars. The puppet anime depicts episodes centering on various situations unique to cars.
It scored 4.36 out of 5, and received comments such as, “It’s so satisfying that I can’t believe its only 2 and a half minutes,” “I can watch it with an empty mind,” ” It’s just so soothing,” and “It has a sarcastic message towards humans”.

“SK8 the Infinity” in 2nd place is an original anime created under director Utsumi Hiroko with Ookouchi Ichirou as story editor/scriptwriter and produced by Bones.
The anime depicts the youth of the unique skaters full of enthusiasm for “S”, a dangerous underground race with no rules in which they slide down an abandoned mine on their skateboards.
It scored 4.31 out of 5.

“Non Non Biyori Nonstop” in 3rd place is the 3rd season of the anime based on the laid-back countryside comedy “Non Non Biyori” by Atto, serialized in “Monthly Comic Alive”.
“Asahigaoka Branch School” has only 5 students from 1st to 9th grade in total. The story depicts the inconvenient but carefree countryside life of the students at this school.
It scored 4.28 out of 5, just shy of 2nd place.

The top 3 were followed by “Laid-Back Camp Season 2” in 4th and “World Trigger Season 2” in 5th.
The other titles ranking in the top 5 for the number of Mark!s (reviews) and number of comments for each episode were “The Promised Neverland Season 2”, “Kemono Jihen”, “Dr. Stone Season 2”, “Horimiya”, and “Cells at Work!!”.

[2021 Winter Anime Filmarks Ranking (Midterm Results)]
■Satisfaction (stars)
1. “Pui Pui Molcar” 4.36
2. “SK8 the Infinity” 4.31
3. “Non Non Biyori Nonstop” 4.28
4. “Laid-Back Camp Season 2” 4.22
5. “World Trigger Season 2” 4.17

■Number of Mark!s (reviews)
1. “The Promised Neverland” 1,250
2. “Pui Pui Molcar” 554
3. “Kemono Jihen” 546
4. “Dr. Stone Season 2” 535
5. “Horimiya” 534

■Number of Comments for each episode
1. “The Promised Neverland” 67
2. “Pui Pui Molcar” 63
3. “Horimiya” 60
4. “Dr. Stone Season 2” 41
5. “Cells at Work!!” 40

(C) Misato Tomoki JGH, Shin-Ei Animation / Molcars
(C) Bones, Utsumi Hiroko / Project SK8
(C) 2021 Atto, Kadokawa / Asahigaoka Branch School Management Association Season 3