From the TV anime “Zombieland Saga Revenge” (which will start airing on April 8, 2021), the interview video “Boiling PV” in which Miyano Mamoru and other cast members talk about their enthusiasm for taking on “Revenge” has been released. In addition, a special program will be broadcasted on FM Saga on April 4, just before the broadcast.

“Zombie Land Saga Revenge” is the second season of the new zombie idol anime series “Zombie Land Saga”, in which seven legendary girls are brought back to life as “zombies” by the mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Koutarou, and struggle to save Saga Prefecture as the local idol group “Franchouche”.
The first season, which aired from October to December 2018, was a big hit, winning the “Anime General Election 2018 Annual Grand Prize” and the “TAAF 2019 Anime Award Best Work”.

This time, seven cast members, Miyano Mamoru (Tatsumi Koutarou), Honda Kaede (as Minamoto Sakura), Tano Asami (as Nikaido Saki), Taneda Risa (Mizuno Ai), Kawase Maki (as Konno Junko), Kinugawa Rika (as Yuugiri), and Tanaka Manami (as Hoshikawa Lily), talked about their passion for this work in the “Boiling PV”.
They talk about their preparations and adjustments for the second season, the struggles and pains of taking on the battle of revenge, and the emotions of being overly enthusiastic and frustrated, and the video is filled with the fighting spirit of a boxer just before a fight.

And at the end of the PV, each of the cast members expresses the second season as “a battle that cannot be lost (Miyano Mamoru ),” “friends (Honda Kaede),” “a new revolution (Tano Asami),” “hope (Taneda Risa),” “a blazing battlefield (Kawase Maki),” “a clash of souls (Kinugawa Rika),” and “DEAD OR ALIVE (Tanaka Manami). We can’t wait to find out what these words mean and what awaits us in the final episode of the second season when it starts airing on .

Zombie Land Saga Revenge” will start on April 8 at midnight on TOKYO MX and other stations.
Also, a special program “Zombie Land Saga Revenge: Seafood the Night Before” will be broadcast on FM Saga from 10pm on April 4. Honda Kaede, Tano Asami, and Takenaka Nobuhiro (Cygames producer) will appear on the program and talk about their enthusiasm for the second season and what they want to do in Saga Prefecture.

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