The production of the collaboration song called “Zombie Land DEMPA!!” by the idol group from the TV anime “Zombie Land Saga”, Franchouchou and has been decided. Along with this announcement, the collaboration visual inspired by the song has been revealed, and the broadcast of the special program to reveal this song has been decided.

The collaboration song “Zombie Land DEMPA!!” is sung by the zombie type idol, Franchouchou, and the members of, including Furukawa Mirin, Aizawa Risa, and Naruse Eimi. The song used the battle as its theme and it is an impactful song as the unique traits of the various musicianship of Franchouchou clashes with the long-lasting melody and the impressive lyric from

It was decided that the song will be available in the appended CD of the fanbook “Zombie Land Saga Pia” that will be released on Sep. 3. This book contains all the information about the collaboration between Zombie Land Saga and, so go get it if you are a fan.

The collaboration visual inspired by “Zombie Land DEMPA!!” is an embodiment of the impactful song as each of the member are dressed as a hero or the hero sentai-like clothing.

The music will also be revealed for the first time on the special program “Can Zombie and Dempa Save the Earth!?” that will be broadcast on Animax on 11:00 PM on Sep. 1. It will also feature a battle between the voice actress of Franchouchou and in various content.

“Zombie Land DEMPA!!” will be included in the fan-book “Zombie Land Saga Pia” that will be released on Sep. 3. The price is 1,818 JPY (tax excluded).

(C)Zombie Land Saga Production Committee