“Zombie Land Saga Pia”, containing the various information of the “Zombie Land Saga”, has been released on Sep. 3. A portion of the contents, such as the special interview with Miyano Mamoru (voice of Tatsumi Kotarou), and the conversation between the represensatives from Denpagumi. inc and Franchouchou, have been revealed.

This book contains various articles such as famous quotations, famous scenes, detail character introduction, Franchouchou's songs explaination by the music producer Satou Kouji, and main cast interview, including Miyano Mamoru (voice of Tatsumi Kotarou), Franchouchou, Mitsuishi Kotono, and director Sakai Munehisa.

Moreover, the “battle” with Depa Gumi.inc that was announced on “Denpa Gumi.inc Pia” (released on Apr.) has been realized. The four members, Tano Asami and Taneda Risa from Franchouchou, Furukawa Mirin and Aizawa Risa from Denpagumi.inc gathered together and a special conversation was held where they talked about their thoughts on the collaboration song “Zombi Land DEMPA!!”, and other topics.
The magazine will also contain the unreleased recording photo and a report of “Zombie Land DEMPA!!”

“Zombie Land Saga Pia” is priced at 1,818 JPY (tax excuded) and it is currently available at nationwide bookstore and online shops.

(C)Zombie Land Saga Production Committee