From the TV anime “iii icecrin”, episode 1 ‘Vanillan’s Day’ (on-air from April 6, 2021 ) is available for catch-up distribution, and its synopsis and advance cutscene have been revealed.

“iii icecrin” is an original anime produced by Shin-Ei Animation (“Doraemon” “Crayon Shin-chan”), with the cooperation of ‘Blue Seal Ice Cream’, and broadcast as a successor program of “Pui Pui Molcar”.
The story depicts the relaxing daily life of “icecrins”, animal characters inspired by “Blue Seal”‘s 15 flavors.

Episode 1 is titled ‘Vanillan’s Day’.
Cute icecrins are living in Ice Cream Town. Let’s go out with Vanillan today! Vanillan is always indecisive, but can we find something wonderful today?

‘Vanillan’s Day’, episode 1 of “iii icecrin” is now available for catch-up distribution on YouTube.

(C)Shin-Ei Animation / icecrins