It was decided that the final chapter of the anime “ARIA” series, “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” will be available in theatres in winter 2021. The visual and 30 seconds teaser have been released as well.

The anime “ARIA” series based on the futuristic healing work by Amano Kozue-san. The TV anime season 1 “Aria The ANIMATION” was broadcast in 2005, TV anime season 2 “ARIA The NATURAL” was broadcast in 2006, the OVA “ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA~” was broadcast in 2007, the TV anime season 3 “ARIA The ORIGINATION” was broadcast in 2008, while the original new animation “ARIA The AVVENIRE” was broadcast in 2015.
To commemorate the 15th broadcast anniversary of the TV anime, the original anime “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” is released and is available in theatres now.

The release of the final chapter “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” has already been announced previously but, during the stage greeting of “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” on March 21, 2021, it was announced that the release of “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” is in winter 2021.

Hirohashi Ryou (voice of Alice), Satou Rina (voice of Athena), Kayano Ai (voice of Anya), Hazuki Erino (voice of Akari), Saitou Chiwa (voice of Aika), the chief director Satou Junichi, and director Natori Takahiro have appeared during the stage greeting.
During the event, when the teaser visual of “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE”, with the impressive design of Aika and Akira of Himeya Company handling out the rose and clover, was revealed, Saitou Chiwa mentioned “I can’t do it leniently (haha)”, “I might cry a bit”, and “The latest work will have a different image when compare to all the historical ARIA works, but I’m looking forward to it”.

In the end, director Satou said, “I believe that if I come to like ARIA, I might come to like myself a bit more. I want to spread ‘like’ all over Japan” follow with the familiar line from the work “Everyone let’s chant together. ‘”Embarrassing remarks are not allowed!'”, the stage greeting had come to an end.
Please do look forward to the release to see the development of each character in the final chapter.

“ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” will be released in winter 2021.

(C)2020 Amano Kozue/Mag Garden, ARIA Company
(C)2021 Amano Kozue/Mag Garden, ARIA Company