A completely new movie of the “Aria” series has been decided to be released in winter 2020. In response to this announcement, Satou Rina-san, who took over the role of Athena from Kawakami Tomoko-san who passed away in 2011, Hazuki Erino-san, Oohara Sayaka-san, Nishimura Chinami-san, director Satou Junichi, and the author of the original work, Amano Kozue-sensei, have posted their comments on Twitter.

“Aria” is originally a futuristic healing comic by Amano Kozue-sensei.
The story is set on future Mars which is now called “Aqua”. It depicts the gondolier girls called “undines”.
Anime adaptions began with the 1st season of the TV series in 2005, “Aria The Animation”, followed by the 2nd season “Aria The Natural” and the OVA “Aria The OVA ~Arietta~” in 2006, the 3rd season “Aria The Origination” in 2008, and the OVA “Aria The Avvenire” in 2015. Fans have long-awaited this announcement of the latest piece of work.

Kawakami Tomoko-san, who voiced Athena, had passed away in 2011. Satou Rina-san, who took over the role, posted on Twitter, “I'm trying to keep the essence of Tomoko-san in the role of Athena-san. I can feel everyone's love in Aria. I will do my best with Tomoko-san and Eri-san (Kawai Eri-san who is doing the singing) at my side. Please look forward to the show!”

Hazuki Eriko-san, voicing the protagonist Akari, posted, “Finally, it's been announced! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone again!”, and Nishimura Chinami-san, voicing the president of Aria Company, posted a message towards Kawakami-san, “Puinyu-!!”, “Tomo-chan, we're releasing a new movie in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Aria. Athena-san's spirit will live on through Satou Rina-chan along with you. We'll be together forever.”

Oohara Sayaka-san expressed her joy, “Athena-chan is passed down from Tomozou-san to Satou Rina-chan. I couldn't express in words what I felt when I first heard her voice. Athena-chan will live on along with the souls of Tomozou-san, Kawai-san, and Rina-can. Please look forward to the latest piece of work!!”, “The joyful reactions from everyone put tears in my eyes. It's been a while since I cried with joy. Oh dear, hehe.”

The author of the original manga, Amano Kozue, tweeted, “The thing I wanted to talk about for so long has been revealed,” and director Satou Junichi posted, “I've been thinking of who to pass on the role of Athena-san since the idea of a new piece of work came up. We chose Satou Rina-san because not only her voice but her personality would fit the Aria family and she would love the world of Aria along with us. Together we will weave the story of Aria,” “Being able to deliver some hope in a time where so many events are being canceled makes me a bit more relieved. The hard times haven't ended yet, but let's all look forward to the future.”

The latest “Aria” movie will be released in winter 2020. Let's look forward to further information.

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