It was announced that the new animation “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” was ranked in as the 7th place in the 77 nationwide theatres that this film is available in, in the weekend (March 6 – March 7) box office result ranking by Kogyo Tsushinsha. It has also obtained 1st place in the weekend screen average of the top 15 films in the weekend nationwide box office ranking. Furthermore, it had a great start as the film had obtained 1st place in the first day satisfaction of Filmarks and score a 4.5 in Yahoo! Film (as of March 8).

The anime “ARIA” series based on the futuristic healing work by Amano Kozue-san. The TV anime season 1 “Aria The ANIMATION” was broadcast in 2005, TV anime season 2 “ARIA The NATURAL” was broadcast in 2006, the OVA “ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA~” was broadcast in 2007, the TV anime season 3 “ARIA The ORIGINATION” was broadcast in 2008, while the original new animation “ARIA The AVVENIRE” was broadcast in 2015.

Despite the role of Athena was succeed by Satou Rina from Kawakami Tomoko, there were various about Satou in social media, such as “Athena-senpai by Satou Rin-san is… It great that she is voiced by Satou Rina-san”, “It makes me want to say ‘Welcome back, Athena-san and thank you ARIA’ from my heart”, and “Let’s applause and be grateful toward Satou Rina-san.”
There were also various passionate feedbacks from the fans toward this new work since 5 years ago, such as “I am Extremely satisfied”, “It was great. It makes me want to cry when I think about the events up until now”, and “I love this series for a while, so I’m quite grateful to be able to see this new work”.

Also, after the screening of the film, the release date and teaser of “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE”, the third and final project in the “Blue Curtain Call”, were announced, and it raised the expectation toward the finale.
As the tease can only be seen after the screening, so please watch it in the theatres.

“ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” is currently available in the theatres.
Also, the original coaster (8 types in total, design will change weekly) will be given as the entrance novelty, and the half voucher campaign to win yourself a poster illustrated by Amano is being held. Further information is available on the website.

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