The film “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” from the anime “ARIA” series will be releasing a Blu-ray on August 18, 2021. The commentary videos of Hirohashi Ryou (voice of Alice), Satou Rina (voice of Athena), and Kayano Ai (voice of Anya) have been released.

The anime “ARIA” series based on the futuristic soothing work by Amano Kozue. The TV anime season 1 “Aria The ANIMATION” was broadcast in 2005, TV anime season 2 “ARIA The NATURAL” was broadcast in 2006, the OVA “ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA~” was broadcast in 2007, the TV anime season 3 “ARIA The ORIGINATION” was broadcast in 2008, while the original new animation “ARIA The AVVENIRE” was broadcast in 2015. The atmosphere from the original manga remains the same in the anime, and it has charmed various fans in the world and is a work that is loved by many even now.

The brand-new film “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” focused on the members of the “Orange Planet”.
During fall, Anya, who is undergoing her training at Orange Planet, noticed that her two seniors, Alice and Athena haven’t seen each other for a while as both of them are busy.
Because of that, Athena is feeling a bit depressed, but somehow it seems that Alice is avoiding her. When she is coming up with a plan with the cooperation from her friend Ai and Azusa, to ensure both of them bump into each other, Anya realized that there is a “scenery” that she could only see now…

The Blu-ray version will have a cover illustration drawn by the original author Amano Kozue and an inner illustration drawn by the character designer and general art director, Itou Youko.
Not only will it includes the precious bonus footage, which is the completion stage greeting, release commemoration stage greeting, the recreation of the recording session, and other videos, but it also have an approximately 40 minutes drama CD that is a must-hear for fans.

The Blu-ray of “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” is priced at 9,900 JPY (tax included) and it will be released on August 18, 2021.

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