It has been decided that the broadcast of the new work of the “ARIA” anime series will be on Winter 2020. After seeing this announcement, the word “ARIA” had become a hot topic after it became a trend. All the fans are jumping in joy.

“ARIA” is originally a futuristic healing manga by Amano Kozue-sensei.
The story takes place on “Neo-Venezia”, a town based on Venezia, on the planet “Aqua”. It depicts the young girls known as “Undine”, a gondolier.
The first season of the TV series, known as “ARIA The ANIMATION” was aired on 2005, followed by the second season “ARIA The NATURAL” on 2006, OVA “ARIA The OVA ~ARIETTA~” on 2007, the third season “ARIA The ORIGINATION” on 2008, and the OVA “ARIA The AVVENIRE” on 2015. Fans will surely have a high expectation of this new work.

After seeing this announcement, tweet such as “I happy that there is a new work of ARIA~~ I found a reason to try my best until winter”, “This is the reason why I am so happy recently!”, “I'm happy that I can see Akari-chan and others again!”, and “It seems that we will be taken to Neo-Venezia again.” There are also words of joy based on the “embarrassing lines” of the protagonist Akari such as “I am excited as there will be a bright future ahead when being healed by ARIA”, and “There is light at the end of this dark tunnel.”

Moreover, Satou Rina-san will take over the role of Athena from the voice actor, Kawakami Tomoko-san, who passes away in 2011, for this new work. The word “Kawakami Tomoko-san” had also become a trend and there are tweets such as “Kawakami Tomoko-san… despite 9 years had passed since your passing, you are still remembered and loved in the memories of many people. It makes me want to cry just by thinking about that. I hope the new work of ARIA will become a great work along with the hope of Kawakami-san”, “Although time has passed, everyone is remembering.”, “Kawakami Tomoko-san, please protect everyone of ARIA and also Satou Rina-san from heaven.”

The new work of “ARIA” will be broadcast on Winter 2020. Please look forward to further announcements.

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