Shimono Hiro and Okamoto Nobuhiko will appear in the TV anime “Black Clover” (abbreviated as BlaClo) which is currently being broadcast.

“Black Clover” is based on the comic of the same name by Tabata Yuuki, which is currently being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is a created magic fantasy, featuring Asta, a young boy born without any magic power, and his rival Yuno, embark on various adventures toward Wizard King. The TV anime started being aired in 2017, and the final episode is scheduled to air on March 30, 2021.

This time, Shimono Hiro and Okamoto Nobuhiko will be voicing Nacht, the deputy leader of the Black Bull, who is “possessed by a demon” like the main character Asta, and Liebe, the lowest level demon sealed in Asta’s grimoire. Shimono-san will play Nacht, and Liebe will be played by Okamoto-san.
The two cast members who were announced have also sent in their comments.

The TV anime “Black Clover” is currently being broadcast. Nacht will appear in episode 168 broadcasted today, March 16, and Liebe will appear in episode 169 broadcasted next week, March 23.

Shimono Hiro
I’m Shimono Hiro, and I’ve been appointed to play the deputy leader of the “Black Bull”! I’m glad to finally be able to make an appearance…
I was worried that I wouldn’t appear this season (lol). I’m personally looking forward to participating in the hot story of “BlaClo”, so please look forward to it!

Okamoto Nobuhiko
I didn’t think I’d become Liebe since I’d read the magazine, but when I played the role, I felt as if I’d done a lot of work in the past.
The character has a lot of drama, so I hope you enjoy it.

(C) Tabata Yuuki/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Black Clover Production Committee