It was revealed that the voice actor Minase Inori, known for her role as Nakano Itsuki from “The Quintessential Quintuplets”, Rem from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”, will be the narrator of the third movie of the NHK nature program “Darwin ga Kita!” (Darwin has Arrived!).

The third movie “Odoroki! Umi no Ikimono no Densetsu Hanashi Gekijouban Darwin ga Kita!” (Darwin has Arrived the Movie: Surprise! The legendary stories on the marine life!) is a project that focused on humanity’s last frontier “sea”, where new and mysterious creatures are being discovered even in this era.

The program has introduced a lot of marine life so far, but this time the interview team carefully selected the 200 videos that have been shot so far over a month, and by using the NHK Enterprises independently developed workflow “NEP VIDEORESTORE SERVICE” (high image quality processing), the surprising appearance of strong creatures living in the dynamic and mysterious sea was expressed.

It was decided that Minase will be participating as the narrator for this film, and her appearance in the anime preview of “Manur no Yube” in “Darwin ga Kita!” connected her to this narrator offer.
It was also announced that she will be voicing the fish professor, Sakana-kun along with the narration.

“Odoroki! Umi no Ikimono no Densetsu Hanashi Gekijouban Darwin ga Kita!” will be released in Japan nationwide, on June 11, 2021, in United Cinema Toyosu and other theatres.

Minase Inori

This is my favorite program where I enjoyed learning about the habitat of the creatures and their unknown ability every time.
Due to my role as Tsunomin, it had increase my interest and knowledge toward the living creature by two-fold!
I’m also looking forward to the third movie! Let’s enjoyed the trip on discovering the living creatures’ habitat together!