Voice actress Minase Inori, known for her role as Rem in “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” and Nakano Itsuki in “The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬”, appeared in a promotion video for NTT DoCoMo’s service “Mobile Ushionkei” that supports remote work for farmers. In this video, Minase plays a “cow’s butt”.

“Mobile Ushionkei” is a delivery and estrus monitoring system aimed at dairy and livestock farmers to help check the health condition through a temperature sensor attached to the cow, which provides a lot of information such as ” 24 hours before delivery”, “time for water to break”, and “estrous sign”.

This time, a promotional video to interest not only current users but also future dairy and livestock farmers has been released.
In this video, Minase Inori took on the role of a new frontier called “cow’s butt” and explains the merits of the system in an easy-to-understand manner.
Please enjoy the mysterious view of the world delivered by the “cow butt” whose voice and movement are so cute.

The promotion movie “Ushi no Shiri-chan” was released on the special website on February 26, 2021.

Minase Inori

――Please tell us your honest impression when you were offered the role to play a cow’s butt.
“When I first heard about this, I was wondering how it could be done… There were a lot of images of cow butts in my head. I played my role thinking about what’s this project’s main feature and to what people is it aimed”

――Please tell us your impression when you first saw the video.
“It is summarizing the hardships of cows and farmers’ work, things you can learn at an agricultural school. There were many things I did not know, and it made me think about the delivery of cows. I think cow delivery is a very delicate and life-threatening thing, so I wish I could support it.”

――Are there any key points to playing a cow’s butt?
“Before the start, I discussed what kind of character to go with, but in the end, as shown in the illustration, I became a lively and cute girl who can feel motherhood and kindness. I tried my best to make it a character that can seriously convey what it needs to convey. ”

――Please give a message to those who use “Mobile Ushionkei” and those who watch the video.
“I’m looking forward to hearing from various people about the project where I voiced a cow’s butt. I hope this project will reach the younger generation who are thinking of working hard to become farmers in the future.”