Episodes 7 to 12 of “Vlad Love”, the new animation series by the director Oshii Mamoru and Nishimura Junji, will be broadcast from midnight of Mar. 14, 2021, in multiple streaming platforms in Japan. Moreover, the scene cuts for these episodes have been revealed as well.

“Vlad Love” is directed, written, and charged by Oshii Mamoru, who is well known for the works like “Patlabor” and “GHOST IN THE SHELL”, and will be directed by Nishimura Junji. This tag-team will be formed for the first time since “Urusei Yatsura”.

The protagonist is a female high school student called Banba Mitsugu, who heavily loves to donate her blood. She will be denied by the nurses since she goes to the blood donation too much.
One day, she encounters a girl from abroad in the blood donation car. That girl with extremely white skin destroys the donation car right after the nurse attempts to reject some of her blood. Mitsugu, takes the girl to her home for no reason after the girl faints.

The comment by the director Oshii explained the later half that “I will tell you what will be happening if you made fun of an elderly”, and his uniqueness explodes further.
Please check out the real finale of the story.

“Vlad Love” episode 7 to 12 will be broadcast from midnight of Mar. 14, 2021, in ABEMA, Amazon Prime Video, d Anime Store, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.
Moreover, “Vlad Love Official Complete Guide” will be on sale from Mar. 5. Check this out if you are interested in settings and other background features.

(C) 2020 Oshii Mamoru/ Ichigo Animation