The screening event of works by director Oshii Mamoru “GG Film Festival”, which was scheduled for January and February 2021, has been postponed because of the current spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

The “GG Film Festival” is an event where Oshii’s works that have left their mark on the history of film and anime are screened at theaters across Japan, starting with “Vlad Love”, a completely new anime by general director Oshii Mamoru and director Nishimura Junji.

The works to be shown are “Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer”, “Patlabor: The Movie”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Human Wolf JIN-ROH”, and “Vlad Love” episodes 2-4.
In addition, an interview video of Oshii Mamoru, which can only be seen at this film festival, an original program limited to the “GG Film Festival”, and a storyboard of “Vlad Love” with a copy of director Oshii Mamoru and Nishimura Junji (random), original A4 clear folder and other luxurious bonuses were also announced.

Regarding the postponement of the event, “Unfortunately, due to various reasons, we have decided to postpone it due to the impact of the current spread of the novel coronavirus infection. We deeply apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the ‘GG Film Festival’.”
If it will be held after the postponement, the schedule will be announced on the official website of “Vlad Love”.