The anime film “INNOCENCE” by the director Oshii Mamoru will be broadcast on BS12 (Twellv)’s “Sunday Anime Movie” on March 28, 2021.

“INNOCENCE” is directed by Oshii Mamoru, produced by Production I.G, and it is the sequel to the film “Ghost in the Shell”. This film is the first Japanese anime that participated in the competition category of the Cannes Film Festival that has become a hot topic.
The film takes place in the near-future of 2032. After losing Kusanagi Motoko, the main protagonist, the cyborg detective, Batou started his investigation on the murder of the gynoids’ (doll-like sex robots) owner. While Batou is suffering from the computer warfare attack on his “brain” by a “mysterious hacker”, he is approaching the truth of the case together with his partner Togusa.

The film “INNOCENCE” will be broadcast on BS12 (Twellv)’s “Sunday Anime Movie” at 7:00 PM, on March 28, 2021.

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