The teaser of “Vlad Love”, the latest animation series by directors Oshii Mamoru and Nishimura Junji, has been released. Along with it, a poster contest as a charity event has been announced.

“Vlad Love” is an anime series by Oshii as chief director and Nishimura as director, and will be the first time since “Urusei Yatsura” for the two to work together. This will be the first slapstick comedy for Oshii since “Urusei Yatsura”, and he intends to pursue the advantages of a serialized anime.

The protagonist of this show, Banba Mitsugu, is a high school girl who is seriously addicted to blood donation. She goes to the blood donation van so often that the nurses treat her bluntly.
One day, Mitsugu meets a beautiful foreign (?) girl at the van. As she was about to be taken her blood, the pale girl suddenly got violent and destroys the van. The girl faints and Mitsugu impulsively decides to take her home…

The poster contest will award the best original poster designed with the “Vlad Love” logo created by the contestants with a special “Vlad Love” gift. Chief director Oshii Mamoru, director Nishimura Junji, and the production staff will be the judges of this contest.
The entry fee is 1,000 JPY (tax included), and the money that exceeds the cost of holding the event will be donated to Médicines Sans Frontières' “COVID-19 Crisis Fund”. Check out the official website for further information.

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