“Dare mo Kataranakatta Ghibli wo Katarou (Let’s talk about the unknown Ghibli” will have director Oshii Mamoru, known for “Ghost in the Shell” and “Vlad Love”, talking about Studio Ghibli, and the release of the extended version has been announced.

“Dare mo Kataranakatta Ghibli wo Katarou” was a thrilling and profound interview book, which was hard to be obtained, of director Oshii Mamoru talking about the hot topic of Studio Ghibli among the media and anime fan, from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” to “When Marnie Was There”.

The new contents of the anticipated extended version are the first and last (!?) round-trip letter with the producer of Studio Ghibli, Suzuki Toshio that Oshii director has known for 40 years, and a honest three-man talk between director Oshii Mamoru, his longtime partner Ishikawa Mitsuhisa producer (CEO of Production IG) and Takahashi Nozomu, who was working as a producer with Studio Ghibli for a long period.

The cover of this publication was illustrated by director Yuasa Masaaki, known for “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!”, “The Tatami Galaxy”, and “Devilman: Crybaby”.

“Dare mo Kataranakatta Ghibli wo Katarou” is priced at 1,760 JPY, and the release date is on August 20, 2021.