The 2nd key visual and character information of the “Vladlove”, latest anime directed by Oshii Mamoru (chief) and Nishimura Junji, have been released.Chief Director Oshii commented, “I'm interested to see how this comedy will be received.”

The protagonist of this show, Banba Mitsugu, is a high school girl who is seriously addicted to blood donation. She frequently goes to the blood donation van, but the nurses are very harsh with her.
One day, Mitsugu meets a beautiful foreign (?) girl by the van. As she was about to be taken her blood, the pale girl suddenly got violent and destroys the van. Mitsugu impulsively decides to take the girl, who had fainted, to her home…

Along with the release of the 2nd key visual, the official website was updated centering on character information. Including Mitsugu (voiced by Sakura Ayane), the blood donation addict high, and Mai Vlad Transylvania (voiced by Hidaka Rina), the beautiful vampire girl, the settings of Chimatsuri Chihiro (voiced by Park Romi), the school nurse of Saint Juumonji Academy, Unten Nami, the captain of the dance team, Watanabe Maki, the president of the film study club, Konno Kaoru, the captain of the cosplay team, and Sumida Jinko, the head of the disciplinary committee.

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Writer/Chief Director Oshii Mamoru

A serialized anime is not a cheap version of anime films!
I wanted to try something I could only do in a serialized series.
It's been a while since my last anime series, and it is really entertaining to create.
I'm interested to see how this comedy will be received.

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