It was decided that director Oshii Mamoru’s latest animation work “Vlad Love” will be broadcast on TV in July 2021 after it was broadcast on various online platforms on February 14 and March 14, 2021.

“Vlad Love” is the latest animation by the general director Oshii Mamoru, and director Nishimura Junji. When the broadcast started, it gives off a strange feeling as if it trying to say “Oshii Mamoru is right here”.

The main protagonist is the blood donation maniac high school girl, Banba Mitsugu, and she was treated as a nuisance by the nurse of the blood donation truck that she visits frequently.
On a certain day, Mitsugu meets a beautiful foreign (?) girl outside of the blood donation truck. Just when the blood is taken out from the pale-looking girl that looks like she is going to collapse, she had a sudden change and destroy the truck. After she had lost consciousness, Mitsugu took her back home to look after her…

This work, which has a strong desire on striving to give off an impact just like a “strong poison”, can finally go all out without restriction. The broadcast of “Vlad Love” on TV will cause a stir in director Oshii Mamoru’s Reiwa period’s anime as if it says, “This is what happens when you make an old man angry”. A special project is in planning during the TV broadcast.

“Vlad Love” is scheduled to be broadcast at TOKYO MX, Chiba TV, and other channels in July 2021.

It is scheduled to be broadcast at TOKYO MX, Chiba TV, Sun-TV, and BS Fuji in July 2021.

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