The appearance of Miyano Mamoru in ep. 6 (broadcast on Aug. 23) of the popular drama “Hanzawa Naoki” (TBS series, every Sunday from 9:00 p.m.) had become a hot topic on SNS.

He is handsome, tall, and wears a good suit. His main job is a “voice actor” in anime and various dubbing recordings. In addition to winning the Best Actor Award at the “Seiyuu Awards”, which honors the most active voice actors of the year, he realized the first solo performance by a male voice actor at Nippon Budokan, and now he has also appeared on TV.

Miyano-san appeared again in the preview video for ep. 8 broadcast on Sep. 13, while the response from his appearance in ep.6 of “Hanzawa Naoki” is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Moreover, there seem to be some scenes, “that no doubt will create a buzz!”…

So, for those who don’t know exactly, “What kind of person Miyano Mamoru is?”, and “In what kind of works he has appeared?”, we will briefly introduce his amazing career and appearances. Why don’t you prepare to get excited about the topic before SNS explode about his appearance in the ep. 8?

■The irreplaceable appearances in the topical works! There are many films in which he has starred.
Miyano-san, who is currently active as a voice actor, has many child roles. He has always belonged to the company Himawari, and his past roles include a student from “Kinpachi-sensei”, a teammate of Kitahara Ryu played by Takizawa Hideaki in “News no Onna”.

Meanwhile, he debuted as a voice actor by dubbing the overseas drama “Caitlin’s Way” that was broadcast on NHK education when he was a 3rd-year high-school student. After that, he played Riku from the popular title “Kingdom Hearts”, Yagami Light from the popular anime based on manga “Death Note”, the main character of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, the twelfth work in the “Gundam” series, Setsuna F. Seiei, and many other popular characters.

Recently, in addition to playing the role of Reinhard von Lohengramm in “The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Seiran These”, which is a reanimation of “Legend of the Galactic Heroes”, Ichirouhiko (teenager) in the animated movie “The Boy and the Beast” directed by Hosoda Mamoru, Haruo Sakai in the animated movie “Godzilla” from the “Godzilla” series, and thanks to playing in so many popular works, there is strong opinion now, “Miyano Mamoru always shows up in top-works.”

■The first feat of a male voice actor! Energetic artist activity
While working as a voice actor, he debuted as an artist from King Records in 2008. With the 12th single “Shine” released in 2015, he took the 1st place in the Oricon single daily ranking. This is the second person since Mizuki Nana to win first place in the name of a voice actor. Also, he achieved the “first-ever” award as a male voice actor.

Since 2009, he has been energetically performing live activities, and as mentioned at the beginning, on Oct. 4, 2013, the first solo performance by a male voice actor at Nippon Budokan “MIYANO MAMORU SPECIAL LIVE 2013 ~ TRAVELING! ~ ” was held.

And at the 69th NHK Red and White Song Battle in 2018, he made a male voice actor’s “first” performance as a member of the planning frame “Ogensan to Issho”.

■Co-starring with Fukushi Sota and Honda Tsubasa! He’s also a prolific actor.
As it was said earlier, Miyano-san was originally active as a child actor. His first job was Seiyu’s commercial “Seiyu Daiichi,” which appeared when he was in the first grade of elementary school.

After that, while being active as a voice actor, he appeared in various live-action movies, stages, and musicals. He has particularly a lot of experience in musicals, such as “The Prince of Tennis”, the role of Prince Ismir in the Emperor theater musical “Crest of the Royal Family”, performance with Fukushi Soda in a popular musical by Gekidan Shinkansen “Seven Souls In The Skull Castle: Season Moon, Waning Moon”, the role of Tony in the musical “West Side Story”, and many others.

He gained a big audience with his performance that made use of his height and length of limbs and his singing voice that fully showed his great voice.

He has also appeared in TV dramas like this time “Naoki Hanzawa”. His appearances in “It Was Fun Last Night” with Honda Tsubasa, became a hot topic in SNS.

In Oct. 2020, he is scheduled to play the role of the Racoon in the stage “Kachikachiyama” from series “Village Produce 2020 Series Another Style” Kachikachiyama”. Don’t miss his new charming actor’s activities in the future.

■Mamoru Miyano makes his YouTuber debut?! “Pine” video is talked about
Miyano-san as a YouTuber this year. The video streaming program “Road to LIVING!” has started on the official YouTube channel of Miyano Mamoru.

This program is to distribut special Miyano Mamoru’s entertainment on YouTube for a limited time. Miyano’s fans were very happy about it. There were many responses on Twitter, “Mamo, congratulations on your YouTuber debut! I’ve been waiting for you !!!”, “YouTuber Mamoru Miyano advent … ???”, “Normal Miyano Mamoru YouTuber is amazing”, “Mamo But YouTube … it’s too good!”, ” Mamoru !! Congratulations on your YouTuber debut! I laughed so much, I really enjoyed it! ”

In the video, he tries to peel off the pineapple that he generally doesn’t do, introduce the stretch before good night, arrange the Nissin Yakisoba UFO, and so on … Miyano-san is always trying something new.

■And more in other media! Miyano Mamoru’s unexpected appearance
Miyano-san’s success is not limited to that.

He made live-action appearances as idol Masa Mamoru (eternal 16 years old, favorite food is pine) on the NHK’s music program “Ogensan to Issho”, where Hoshino Gen dressed as “Ogensan” performed together with gorgeous members from “Ogensan no Ie” in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Also, he has a lot of experience in time leap by playing the role of Rintarou Okabe in “Steins; Gate”, and as a voice actor who likes yakisoba, he also starred in the one-camera long-running drama “UFO Tabe Time Leap”, and “Nissin Yakisoba UFO”, where he performed a tragic man who wanted to eat but couldn’t.

Moreover, in Dec. 2018, he appeared on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” in “December Monthly Entertainment Presenter” and has made a wide range of media activities.

■Miyano’s key point is in a pinch! What will happen in ep. 8 of “Hanzawa Naoki”?
The above is a brief introduction to Miyano-san’s career. Why did SNS explode about his just one episode-appearance in “Hanzawa Naoki”? Did you understand a little about the reason?

Not only has he achieved various feats as a voice actor, but he has also expanded beyond his voice acting activities and is blowing a new breeze.

And now, he appeared again in ep. 8 of “Naoki Hanzawa” that had been broadcast on Sep. 13. After watching the preview video, which shows how Furuya played by Miyano is grasping the key point by Kurosaki played by Kataoka Ainosuke, fans reacted as, “Mamo, no way!”, “Mamo is finally taking over?”, etc.

Since Miyano-san said only one word “yes” in ep. 6, everyone has been wondering if there are more lines in ep. 8.
We can’t wait for the broadcast!