Mobile RPG over 60 million downloads called “Seven Knights” marks 5th anniversary Feb. 4, 2021, and announced the anime adoption with the title “Seven Knights Revolution-Descendants of Hero-” as the latest project. This will depict the distant future of “Seven Knights” through the original story.

The casts and staff were announced.
Other than Yamashita Daiki will play Nemo and Yamashita Daiki will play Philia, director will be Ichikawa Ryouya and Rhiden Film will be in charge.
Moreover, the teaser promotion movie with character voices and the teaser visual with original illustrations by character designer Matsuura Arisa, have been revealed.

“Seven Knights Revolution-Descendants of Hero-” will be broadcast from Apr. 2021.
Additionally, the new smartphone RPG “Seven Knights Revolution” will also start from 2021.

Nemo CV: Yamashita Daiki

A boy who was successful in making a contract with without learning his name.
Born in a remote village abut allowed to enter Granseed Academy since he has the ability as . He is an ordinary boy without any special abilities nor special family, who knows nothing outside his village.

I will be playing the protagonist Nemo for the TV anime “Seven Knights Revolution-Descendants of Hero-“.

Those of you who worry if the characters from the app will appear in the anime, because the setting says it takes place in the distant future…No worries! They will appear in the anime, but in the different ways for new “Seven Knights” series.

I think this anime will be enjoyable for both “Seven Knights” players and those of you who are new to this. Please enjoy this anime from multiple perspectives, such as unique characters, flashy actions, human dramas and etc.

Philia CV: Yamamura Hibiki

She is who fights by borrowing the power of Unomia, and is a descendant of the hero Unlmia who had fought with the army and saved the world a long time ago.
She is the head of the student council called at . She invited Nemo into after feeling something great from him fighting during her travel.

Philia is a novel and elegant, but also a wonderful girl who is innocent and cute.
I tried my best to express her beauty and charm at the audition, so I am very happy that I can play her.

I look forward for unique characters and wonderful stories and actions.

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