From the TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2”, a synopsis and preceding cutscene of episode 4 “TM Showdown!” have been revealed. It is on air on Monday, January 25, 2021.

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” is a multimedia franchised anime created by Cygames. TV anime season 1 was released in 2018.
The story depicts “Uma Musume”, who have inherited a glorious name and physical ability from a different world, having cohabitated with people since a long time ago.
Tokai Teio has a strong admiration for Symboli Rudolf, and wishes to become an undefeated Uma Musume with triple crown. Mejiro McQueen challenges to become a consecutive winner at the Emperor Award with a strong sense of pride as a famous family’s pedigree.
As both rivals and best friends, they keep challenging and pursuing their dreams at ‘Twinkle Series’!

The title for episode 4 is “TM Showdown!”
As Tokai Teio is training for Emperor Award (spring), she watches Satsuki Award where Mihono Bourbon enters to win triple crown, and she realizes something.

On the other hand, Mejiro McQueen gets irritated to see that Tokai Teio is ahead of her…

“TM Showdown!”, episode 4 ofTV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2”, is on air from Monday, January 25, 2021, on TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels.

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