From the TV anime “Laid-Back Camp Season 2”, the synopsis and preceding cutscene of episode 3 ‘Surprise Camping and Some Deep Thoughts’ have been revealed. It is on air on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

“Laid-Back Camp Season 2” is based on a manga, which is written by Afro and serialized on ‘Comic Fuz’.
Shima Rin, a high school girl living in Yamanashi, was heading toward Lake Hamana on her own bike. She began solo camping on New Year’s Eve after a long time, which was fun. ‘I like solo camping as well.’
On the other hand, to see such Rin’s experience, some desire is getting stronger to Nadeshiko. She likes camping with her friends, but ‘I want to try solo camping like Rin-chan.’ Season 2 of the outdoor girls’ story is here!

The subtitle for episode 3 is ‘Surprise Camping and Some Deep Thoughts’.
Nadeshiko is chilling at her grandmother’s house on New Year’s Day. She invited Rin, who arrived first, and enjoyed eel from Lake Hamana!
As she got satisfied and went home, Ayano, Nadeshiko’s long-time friend, was waiting for her!

‘Surprise Camping and Some Deep Thoughts’, episode 3 of “Laid-Back Camp Season 2”, is on air from Thursday, January 21, 2021, at AT-X and other channels.

(C)Afro, Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Committee