10,000 “Love Live!” fans voted for their favorite songs sung by the school idol group μ’s. The results will be announced two weeks in a row: December 7 and 14, 2020, in “Onegai! Ranking”, a variety show on TV Asahi channels, which was recently renewed. Iida Riho, who played Hoshizora Rin from μ’s, appeared in the show and unveiled the backstage story about “a certain song”.

In “Onegai! Ranking”, which was renewed on December 7, there is a segment called “Minna no AniSon BEST” in which they announce the results of surveys on fan-favorite songs of various anime titles, for two weeks in a row.
The survey this time featured the school idol group μ’s, the origin of the “Love Live!” series, which started in 2010. 10,000 “Love Live!” fans, a.k.a. “Love Livers” chose the songs they “can’t help but sing” from the 27 carefully selected songs. The results will be announced two weeks in a row.

The host of the show is Seki Tomokazu, who studied hard about “Love Live!” for this day. He often appears in the show for voice actor projects.
The guests were Takeda Rena, an actress/”Love Liver”, voice actor Terashima Takuma, and Iida Riho, who played Hoshizora Rin in “Love Live!” and was active as a member of μ’s. They exhausted the topic of “Love Live!” from both the perspective of a fan and performer.

Iida unveiled many backstage stories that fans would love to hear, such as a “certain routine” that the μ’s members did before their live performances, and a memorable song, which Iida was “on the verge of tears during recording”.
The show was full of fun content, including Iida performing her lines from the show, which almost made Terashima, a Love Liver whose fav is Hoshizora Rin, faint with joy.

“Minna no AniSon BEST” on “Onegai! Ranking” will be broadcast for two weeks in a row from 0:50 a.m. on December 7 and 0:50 a.m. on December 14.
Also, on TV Asahi’s official YouTube channel, “Douga Hajimete Mimashita”, Takeda and Terashima’s choice of best songs will be streamed from 6:00 p.m on December 7. Don’t miss out on their presentation about the fascination of the songs they chose!

Iida Riho
It was an amazing experience to be able to talk about “Love Live!” with people with so much love for the work.
I’m glad so many people love the show even after 10 years. Is the song you voted for on the list? Were your predictions of the ranking right? I hope you’ll enjoy the show!

Seki Tomokazu
I was nervous about the first broadcast after the renewal. But “Love Live!” gave me the power to get through the shooting. “Love Live!” is amazing! I only started watching “Love Live!” the day before the shooting, and I’m already hooked. I’ll definitely watch the second season, too!
I always thought Takeda-san was cute after seeing her in a commercial. I follow her on Instagram, and I feel as if I’m the one who first saw talent in her, haha.
Iida-san has a great personality and she’s helped me in many ways. Rin-chan is my fav in “Love Live!”!
Terashima-kun is… perverted in a good way, haha. He sees the show from the actor’s side, and drew me further into the world of “Love Live!”.
I look forward to learning things I didn’t know in further episodes of “Minna no AniSon BEST”. I want to know what is popular in this generation.

Takeda Rena
It was my first time to talk so much about “Love Live!” with other people, so I really enjoyed it. I realized again, how fun “Love Live!” is.
There are many amazing songs, and you can even hear backstories from Iida-san. Please enjoy the show!

Terashima Takuma
I simply enjoyed the shooting and talked so much. It was so embarrassing to talk about my fav, Rin-chan, right beside Iida-san, haha. I couldn’t look her in the eyes. Let me apologize in advance because I myself felt that I want to hear more from Iida-san, and you’ll probably feel the same!