TV Tokyo’s anime event “Anime JAM”, which gathers the popular anime works, will be held online for the first time on December 20, 2020. The lineup anime, including “Non Non Biyori” and “Idol Time PriPara”, appearing voice actors, and singers have been announced.

“Anime JAM” is an event that started in 2014 and invites the voice actors & singers that are involved in the anime works that are broadcasted on TV TOKYO.
The lineup anime, appearing voice actors, and singers for the 7th “Anime JAM 2020” have been announced.

From “Non Non Biyori Nonstop”, the 3rd season of which will be broadcasted in January 2021, is Koiwai Kotori (voice of Miyauchi Renge), Murakawa Rie (voice of Ichijo Hotaru), Sakura Ayane (voice of Koshigaya Natsumi), and Asumi Kana (voice of Koshigaya Komari).
From “King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi”, which is currently broadcasting, is Ishikawa Kaito (voice of Kasel), Kakuma Ai (voice of Frey, Ozawa Ari (voice of Cleo), and Kawanishi Kengo (voice of Roi).
From “Idol Time PriPara”, which is being supported faithfully, is “NonSugar”: Tanaka Minami (voice of Manaka Non), Oomori Nichika (voice of Tsukikawa Chiri), and Yamashita Nanami (Taiyou Pepper), and “WITH”: Yamashita Seiichirou (voice of Yumekawa Shougo), Kobayashi Tatsuyuki (voice of Mitaka Asahi), and Tsuchida Reiou (voice of Takase Koyoi).

Also, the singer’s live streaming featuring Matsumoto Rika (voice of Satoshi/Ash from “Pokémon), ZAQ, KOTOKO, Iida Rina, AoP, Kajiwara Gakuto, and others, is also decided. NonSugar and WITH, who are appearing as voice actors will also be performing.

“Anime JAM 2020” will start at 7 PM, on December 20. The archive viewing is available from 12 noon, December 21 until 11:59 PM, December 27.
The ticket’s price is 3,800 JPY (tax included), and is currently on sale on “Anitere” and “dAnime Store”.

TV anime “Non Non Biyori Nonstop” Koiwai Kotori
I am glad to be able to appear in Anime JAM. I hope that I am able to transmit the detailed situation and warmth of the special scenery of “Non Non Biyori” to everyone! Do look forward to the event!

TV anime “King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi” Ishikawa Kaito
I, Ishikawa Kaito, is the voice of Kasel from King’s Raid.
As this event gathers various anime at the same time, I will try my best to leave an impression. I want to make the anime fire up along with everyone.

TV anime “Idol Time PriPara” Tanaka Minami (NonSugar)
I was surprised when I heard that I will be appearing as NonSugar in Anime JAM 2020! I have a few apperances but I am happy to be able to appear as it has been a while! Despite it being held online, it would make me happy if you could enjoy our usual chattering! I will do my best! Please look forward to it!

TV anime “Idol Time PriPara” Yamashita Seiichirou (WITH)
I am nervous as this is the first concert and work that I will be appearing as WITH outside of Idol Time PriPara. I will do my best to entertain everyone and also enjoy the trembling with the excitement of mine, please look forward to it!

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